Dri Archer back in the spotlight

While a cartoon may have kickstarted Dri Archer’s Heisman campaign, an ankle injury on the opening drive of Kent State’s season ended his chances all too soon. After setting a school record for touchdowns in a single-season, Archer had high hopes for his senior year.

Archer had played only one series since the injury until Sept 28 against Northern Michigan. He scored his first touchdown of the season against Northern Michigan with 6:21 left in the first half. He averaged 12.2 yds rushing and had 121 all-purpose yards in the Golden Flashes’ first win since their season opener against Liberty.

Archer told reporters, “It was nice to get back out there with my teammates.”

“Having Dri back was huge,” head coach Paul Haynes told The Plain Dealer. “All the teams know who he is and where he is on the field. You don’t have to give him the ball all the time to make things open up.”

The Golden Flashes played undefeated Northern Illinois on Saturday, whom they lost to in the 2012 MAC championship. Archer put up noteworthy numbers despite losing 38-24. He had four receptions for 80 yds. He was named East Division Special Teams Player of the Week on Monday for his 100 yard kick off return, tying a school record. The Golden Flashes found the Dri Archer they created a Heisman hype around.

Kent State heads to Ball State this weekend, where hopefully Archer will remain hot and injury free for what’s left of his season.


3 thoughts on “Dri Archer back in the spotlight

  1. raleighh

    1. Strong article, professionally sound. Seems that you put a lot of thought and research into the blogs.
    2. I liked the style change where you put the quote after a line of text. Switches the article up and doesn’t go against any style regulations.

  2. loganbooker

    A pet peeve of mine, and many other people I know, are links in an article that are not opened up in a new window when clicked. TO do this, just click the option in the link page when setting up your links. WAY too much loading and returning when that is not done.

    I like how you finished your article with a brief preview of what is next. More people need to adopt this, as it is a great closing, and informs what to watch for.

  3. jleber10

    Another great post from you. Once again, I’m struggling to find suggestions. You really have a knack for this that I wish I had. Here’s two quick comments.
    1. “kickoff” is one word.
    2. Just a small syntax suggestion. I think you should mention earlier in the graf about the Northern Illinois game that they lost the game. Mentioning that they played in the MAC championship first confused me, because I wasn’t sure at first if you meant this season’s game or last season’s matchup.


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