ACL tears plague collegiate football

The ACL injury bug has been making its way around college football heavily over this season. The latest victims are Utah State’s starting quarterback Chuckie Keeton and Boise State’s running back Aaron Baltazar. Keeton and Baltazar now join the likes of Georgia players Malcolm Mitchell, Keith Marshall, and Justin Scott-Wesley.

With so many promising players out with season-ending knee injuries, it puts a strain on the possibilities of this season. Prior to the injuries, Keeton was in the running for the Heisman and Baltazar was the second-leading rusher for Boise State with 234 yards. Georgia’s national title hopes are on the line with Mitchell, Marshall, and Scott-Wesley out.

Injuries are of course inevitable in sports, but with such a high number of them this season, it takes away from the excitement. Fans of these teams are distraught and, if they have disappointing seasons, they will be constantly wondering what could have been had these players been healthy.

Not only are these injuries disappointing for fans, but they’re heartbreaking for the players themselves. Take Georgia’s Michael Bennett for example. He suffered a season-ending ACL tear last season and is suffering yet another knee injury from this past weekend in Georgia’s win over Tennessee. Now Bennett will have two seasons in a row down the drain. If Georgia does not win the title this year, it could weigh heavily on him, and if the Bulldogs do win, it could hurt him since he didn’t get a chance to be a part of it.

Like I said before, injuries are no surprise when you’re dealing with contact sports. However, when they are happening to young, budding athletes whose futures in football depend on their four or so years in school, it can be pretty disheartening.


3 thoughts on “ACL tears plague collegiate football

  1. collinsbradshaw

    Mariya, I really liked your blog. I thought that this was a great angle to take on college football. Instead of talking about regular football games, you put a twist and focused on the severity of the issues that arise from football. I would be careful about tying in the Georgia story because your beat is not on Georgia and so maybe research a player in the Mountain West conference or an independent school who tore their ACL and how that affects that particular team and person. Other than that, great job. I really enjoyed this take on your blog.

  2. Maria Torres

    You make a great point in this blog — that ACL injuries seem to be proliferating this season. A total number of key players who are out this season because of that complication would make your point even stronger. You do a good job of analyzing the impact of the injuries on the teams as well as the fans and the relation of the Bennett story is a worthwhile sidebar.

    However, be careful letting your Georgia roots show. You mention a lot of Georgia players and the reactions of Georgia fans but this blog is supposed to be about the MWC. You should make sure you tie in the MWC even more next time.

  3. connorsmo

    Mariya, I like the fact that you talked about the affect of ACL injuries on the game, but one thing I would mention is that there are many more players that have suffered this injury other than those names. If you were to add some numbers or percentages to the story I think it would add some nice depth and get the point across better. I will say that I really like the Michael Bennett story. It adds a nice touch.


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