Aaron Murray Continues to Cement Legacy

The main question surrounding Georgia’s quarterback Aaron Murray lately has been where he ranks amongst the greatest quarterbacks in the SEC, especially when he had been deemed “unclutch” in previous seasons for his seemingly inability to win big games against top 10 ranked teams. So far this season he has already beaten two top 10 teams (South Carolina and LSU),putting his critics on the matter to rest.

This year Murray has the chance to break multiple records around the SEC. Analysts have been keeping tabs of the records that Murray is currently on track to break, and when it is the most likely that he will break these records.

So far this season Murray has already managed to established himself as the new record holder for career passing yards in the SEC, with 11,625 passing yards, in their game against Tennessee on Oct. 5, bypassing former UGA quarterback David Greene who had 11,528 yards. The game against Tennessee not only gave Murray a record title but it also gave him the ability to show that he is big-time in any game situation, cementing his legacy in what some are saying was his showing as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the SEC of all-time.

However other analysts have been pointing to the fact that Murray has yet to win any titles as the key element that is now holding him back from that consideration.

Murray has also broke a school record in Georgia’s game against North Texas on Sept. 21, throwing a 98-yard touchdown to freshman Reggie Davis, making it the longest score in school history. That throw was also his 100th passing touchdown of his career. Murray is now sitting with 106 passing touchdowns, putting him on track to cut down Florida’s Danny Wuerffel record of 114 touchdowns by the end of the season.

Murray still has plenty of time left in the season to continue to “cement his legacy” further and to keep breaking records around the SEC. There is also still time for Murray to win those titles that have alluded him for some time. Only Murray has the power in his hands to accomplish anything that he wants to for the remainder of Georgia’s season.


3 thoughts on “Aaron Murray Continues to Cement Legacy

  1. theshandacrowe

    I liked your angle here. It has long been a topic of discussion surrounding Aaron Murray. A little editing should be done in terms of grammar and punctuation, but overall, it is well written. The final sentence though suggests that Aaron Murray is the only player who decides the win or loss for Georgia, but unfortunately as much as he wills it to happen, he does not singularly hold the fate of the Bulldogs in his hands.

  2. jfedich

    I like how you have a specific focus to the story, but I think it would be better if you also put some focus on the other players. Specifically, I think you could mention the injuries the Bulldogs sustained against Tennessee and how it might be an even bigger challenge for Aaron Murray to break the passing touchdown record now that he does not have his usual weapons to throw to. I think this is a great story, but could be even better if you talk a little more about the other offensive players and how the injuries will affect Aaron Murray’s performance this season.


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