What Julio Jones’ Injury Means for Atlanta

More disappointing news came out of Atlanta today as the Falcons announced that they would be without star wide receiver Julio Jones for the remainder of the season due to a foot injury.

As if Monday was not torture enough for Atlantans with a home loss to the undaunted Jets (and a crushing Atlanta Braves elimination-game loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers), Tuesday put the “cherry on top,” not-so-kindly speaking.

Jay Glazer reported early Tuesday afternoon that the Falcons “feared” a Jones’ injury that would force him to miss the remainder of the season.  Jones is set to meet soon with Dr. Robert Anderson to get a 2nd opinion on the foot injury, in hopes that the severity of the injury is not as bad as first expected.

That being a stretch, the Falcons have to start asking themselves, “What’s next?”

After 5 weeks of football this time last year, the Falcons were 5-0.   The same team that was the number 1 seed in the playoffs a year ago has started the 2013 campaign terribly, winning just 1 of their first 5 games.

“It just doesn’t feel right to lose. Speaking individually, I’ve never been a part of this,” said safety William Moore, “We’ve got to get it together.”

Coach Mike Smith has to be asking the football gods why the Falcons have been dealt such a poor hand?  First Kory Biermann, then Sean Weatherspoon and Steven Jackson, now Jones.  Big time players that were projected to help this team make it back to the playoffs are missing right now, some longer than others.

Jones’ injury rings a bell of urgency throughout the Falcons locker room.  Some one else must step up and make big plays.  With Jones most likely out for the season and Roddy White nursing an ankle sprain, Harry Douglas and Drew Davis will be new go-to targets for quarterback Matt Ryan to work with.

With an already ugly start to the season and with rival New Orleans starting their season off a perfect, 5-0, the Atlanta Falcons have their work cut out for them if they want to be a playoff team once again.


2 thoughts on “What Julio Jones’ Injury Means for Atlanta

  1. Anna Tarullo

    Great job! This was very cleanly written and you did a great job keeping to the point. Loved the part where you asked “What’s Next?” Really great way to bring some context in there instead of just focusing on the injury itself. I also thought it was good how you brought in individual perspective with Moore’s quote instead of just generalizing the teams emotions.

  2. cpace2016

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this one (although it hurt a little inside to read it). Julio’s injury could be the final nail in the coffin; the Falcons are (most likely) cooked. It’s just too difficult to overcome all of those injuries, especially with the youth in the secondary (am I talking about the Falcons or Georgia?). As far as editorial comments, I don’t really see anything, I like the way it was written and I think it flows well. Nice job.


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