ACC Championship Game

Yesterday Jeremy Fowler of CBS Sports reported that the officials of the Atlantic Coast Conference have approved for the conference’s championship game to remain in Charlotte, NC at the Bank of America Stadium. The contract with Charlotte expires after this year’s game on Dec. 7, but it appears there were not really any serious considerations to stray from the city.

Four of the ACC’s schools (Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Wake Forest) are located in North Carolina, but none call Charlotte home. With the majority of the conference located in North Carolina, it is understandable that the state hosts the championship game. But realistically, it is unlikely that any of these schools will be playing in the final game, which raises the question: should the ACC move the championship to a state that has shown more dominance in football?

One could make a great case for Florida, as both No. 6 Florida State and No. 13 Miami are in the midst of undefeated seasons. And of course, South Carolina is home of No. 3 Clemson. The championship game will most likely be a repeat of the Oct. 19 matchup between Clemson and Florida State, already set for primetime on ABC.

So what makes the Bank of America Stadium so special? It is home to the Carolina Panthers and seats over 73,000. It has hosted the ACC championship game since 2010 and the Belk Bowl since 2002. But most important seems to be the desire to set up consistency by using one city. Mike Bobinski, the athletic director at Georgia Tech, was quoted saying “…one location does give it a chance to establish roots” in an article for SB Nation’s Card Chronicle.


3 thoughts on “ACC Championship Game

  1. tanyasic

    Connor already said my original critique, but besides that I thought that was a pretty solid post. Just watch out for easy mistakes like divisional stuff and what not, as it can make you look less credible as a source. But I liked the new ideas you brought to the table, and what you suggested based on the facts that you were given.

  2. connorriley

    The championship game couldn’t be between Florida State and Clemson as they play in the same division. Also I wouldn’t call 4 out of 12 a majority of teams. Also why can’t Miami or Virginia Tech play for the acc title as they both are undefeated in conference?

  3. Savannah Brock

    It was really hard to find flaws in this because I felt that you did a good job talking about the location of the game and the reasons behind it, as well as other options for the location. The only thing I have to say is maybe add another quote in here from someone whose in charge of choosing the location and maybe in their own words why they chose Charlotte.


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