The Kenny Guiton Trilogy

The Buckeyes begin conference play this week, taking on Wisconsin at home. It seems as though starting quarterback, Braxton Miller, will make his return after being injured early in the game against San Diego State. Three weeks and three games later, Kenny Guiton will return to the bench with two new school records and three wins. The trilogy is over, book closed.

That can’t be the end….Can it?

Miller was carted off the field during the first quarter of the San Diego State game on Sept. 7; enter Guiton. The story begins. In the three games that Guiton led the team, the Buckeyes out scored opponents 170-41, including a 76-0 shutout of Florida A&M.

Guiton set a school record for touchdown passes in a game. He set a school record for longest play from line of scrimmage. He received the Walter Camp Offensive Player of the Week and the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week two weeks in a row. He had a completion rate of 68.1% for those three games. All of these being true, he still has not faced a Big Ten opponent.

Miller, who led the team to an undefeated season in 2012, has the conference experience that head coach Urban Meyer wants.

“Braxton is 13-0 as a starter [since the start of last season] and has done very well with his improvements. Meyer told several media outlets that he expects Miller to start Saturday against Wisconsin,” says Meyer to

Meyer told the News-Herald that Guiton has earned a few snaps, but didn’t specify how many or would he would get to take those. So it seems for now Guiton’s story is just a three game, non-conference series.

Exit Guiton; Enter Miller.


3 thoughts on “The Kenny Guiton Trilogy

  1. jleber10

    I think this post is even more relevant now after Miller almost got benched for Guiton in the Northwestern game. Nice post.
    1. I don’t think you need to link to stories of him breaking the records. I trust your knowledge.
    2. There is a structure error in the 3rd to last graf. You include your closing sentence into the quote by Meyer. I don’t think (though I wouldn’t be that surprised) that Meyer talks about himself in the third person lol.

  2. loganbooker

    In the first mention of a team, be sure to use the school’s name not the mascot.

    Not that it’s an awful thing, but maybe a bit too many links. Kind of overwhelming, but then again, some people really like that.

  3. egrims

    (Commenting here because there’s only one other person on my beat)

    I really enjoyed this post. Although I haven’t been following Ohio State at all this season, you included enough information throughout so that I wasn’t confused or wanting more background. I thought all of your hyperlinks were also very useful and helped to continue to tell the story. It’s amazing someone as good as Guiton is basically second-string to Miller. I maybe would have wanted more stats on Miller before his injury. Also, why he is the better quarterback and starting over Guiton? Overall, very well written and definitely a newsworthy topic.


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