Utah wins over BYU

BYU (1-2) fans were extremely upset about their defeat to Utah (3-1), 20-13, Saturday in Provo, Utah. In fact, as the Pac-12 officiating crew exited the field, unhappy BYU fans hurled trash, water bottles, and anything they could get their hands on to toss at the officials. Whether the officiating crew acted as the determining factor or not, the Utes performed game. 

Saturday marked the Utes fourth consecutive win against their in-state rival. 

A Utah stand out was sophomore quarterback Travis Wilson. Wilson was named this week’s     Pac-12 Player of the Week on offense and Athlon Sports National Offensive Player of the Week. Wilson completed 24 of 35 passes for 273 yards and two touchdowns Saturday night. Wilson ranks 13th in the nation in passing yards per attempt and 11th in passing yards. He has already thrown for 1,118 yards this season, completing 64.3 percent of his passes and averaging 9.72 yards per attempt.

While Wilson commanded the offense throughout the game, the defense also performed exceedingly well against BYU.

With a 3-0 record for its non-conference games, Utah is showing the nation that they are on their way to being a full-fledged Pac-12 program. Less than two weeks stand between the Utes and their arguably toughest opponent yet. After their bye week, Utah will face No.13 UCLA. After their matchup with UCLA, the Utes will play No.5 Stanford, Arizona, and the University of Southern California.  

“We are taking the BYU win as a win against BYU,” linebacker Jared Norris said. “Facing UCLA is a separate week. We want to be confident for them, but not overconfident. We still have to come to practice and be ready to put in the work.”

For Utah to continue to reap success, the players and coaching staff plan to stay hungry and humble during the bye week. Utah will play UCLA in the Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City on Oct. 3. 


3 thoughts on “Utah wins over BYU

  1. catrinar31

    I liked your lede for the story but I think the one sentence that stands alone afterwards doesn’t really work to me. Then your sentence for the beginning of the next paragraph, it could actually be combined instead of using two sentences. You could do “A Utah stand out was sophomore quarterback Travis Wilson, he was named this week’s Pac-12 Player of the Week on offense and Athlon Sports National Offensive Player of the Week.” It is just a thought

  2. nickvsuss

    This is a solid gamer to me. That being said, when you led with something about officiating and then went on to not mention what enraged the fans, I left the article feeling a little confused. The transition into forecasting and stat leaders was good, but the lede left a little more to be desired.


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