USC- Arizona State to battle for first win in the conference

With USC and Arizona State experiencing bad publicity, the teams are putting all the negativity behind them. “You put it behind you and move forward,” Arizona State coach Todd Graham said. “Obviously it’s USC, so it doesn’t make it that hard. These guys know how important this game is.”

USC and Arizona State will go up against each other on Saturday, and they will try to accomplish a first conference win for the season. The winner will be still in the race for the South Division, but the loser will have a harder time advancing back in.

The real matchup of this game will be USC’s offensive line versus Arizona State’s defensive line. With USC being a young team upfront, they have become a progressively run-based offense as the early season has advanced.  “Offensively, obviously they’ve got big time talent, big time play makers; their running backs, wide receivers, they’re as good as you can play against,” Graham said.

Even though the Trojans and Sun Devils are seen as great in either defense or offense, problems will arise with both teams. Arizona State is an experienced and talented defensive line that has still not compared to last season that produced 56 sacks.  Meantime, USC is a young group with a new group up front offensively, and they still are having problems establishing an identity on the offensive side of the ball.

As both teams prepare for the game in Temple, AZ on Saturday at 10:30pm ET on ESPN2, they both have to make a find a way to take advantage of the other teams weaknesses in order to win the game.

“We don’t look down the road that far,” coach Lane Kiffin said. We’re worried about right now.”


3 thoughts on “USC- Arizona State to battle for first win in the conference

  1. nickvsuss

    Dang, I was going to make that joke about Kiffin. Missed it by that much. Anyway, I like the quick precap that this article gave to the game. I agree, I would’ve broken the lede into to grafs, but other than that I can’t find many gripes. Keying in on the battles in the trenches and the youth on the teams was a nice touch. Be sure to proof-read. I think I found a few typos too.

  2. laurenamayosports

    Be sure not to hide your quotes within your paragraphs like your first and third paragraphs. Start a new graf with your quotes. You effectively used relevant quotes to frame your story. Kind of ironic that Kiffin said he doesn’t look down the road and now he has been fired!


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