The value of Quayvon Hicks

In last week’s press luncheon, Georgia head coach Mark Richt expressed how impressed he was with fullback Quayvon Hicks this season.

“With Quayvon, we saw it in the spring. We felt like he was taking the job over in the spring. We saw it as a freshman that he had it physically, but he just didn’t know his assignments well enough to overtake Merritt [Hall],” said Richt. “So it wasn’t a total surprise to us because we saw it happening before it happened in the games. We saw it happening in practice.”

And Richt was right. Hicks rushed for 38 yards on three carries against Clemson, 28 yards on four carries against South Carolina and just a single yard on one carry against North Texas.

Quayvon has also been effective at blocking this season, opening several holes for Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley. Hicks being able to open holes, as well as run the ball could polish Georgia’s top-ranked offense.

Quayvon Hicks is a sophomore out of Blackshear, Ga.


3 thoughts on “The value of Quayvon Hicks

  1. theshandacrowe

    I liked the angle. I just wish you had fleshed it out more. I am all for being concise, but this was a little too short and a sizable chunk of it was a block quote. I am interested in the topic but want to know more details. Also, on subsequent references to Hicks, simply use his last name.

  2. jfedich

    I like this blog post because you take a different angle than most people in that you focus on a position not often written about. While others are talking about Aaron Murray and Todd Gurley, you are focused on a player that is helping to make both those players better as well as a player that might be most improved out of any offensive player on the team this season.
    A couple things I will say is that I would leave out the one yard rushing against North Texas because it doesn’t showcase his skillset as a rusher like the other stats do. In addition, I would take out the last sentence and put his year in school and hometown somewhere earlier in the blog post to fit it into the article better. Overall, it was a great blog post and a good angle to take.

  3. ncastre

    I liked the idea that you had going for this blog post but I feel like you definitely could have elaborated more on how Quayvon is valuable by throwing in more stats from other games or how he can make an impact for the offense in future games. I also think that the quote takes over the entire post because it is long and I feel like the first part of the quote is more relevant part to the point that you are trying to make. I think that the last sentence is a little awkward as well in that it is just out of nowhere, I think that it would have been better suited somewhere in the beginning of the story especially since you go from saying “Quayvon Hicks” to “Hicks” and then back to “Quayvon Hicks” again.


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