Georgia Tech with Multiple Injuries

Georgia Tech is most notably missing senior strong safety Isaiah Johnson due to his ACL injury and surgery. Johnson recently made his own decision to redshirt this season. Upon closer examination however, there are several Yellow Jacket players who are struggling with injuries this season.

Sophomore Chris Milton was supposed to replace Johnson but is currently dealing with a wrist injury. Starting outside linebacker Quayshawn Nealy is dealing with a hamstring issue and starting free safety Jamal Golden a shoulder one. It is questionable whether these players will take the field in Thursday’s home game against Virginia Tech at 7:30 p.m.

So far, Ga. Tech has managed to pull off wins in all three of the games they have played, starting off the season with the 70-0 blowout against Elon followed by two conference wins over Duke and North Carolina. But with starters out and replacements in, going up against Virginia Tech this week could prove difficult. The Hokies have won their three games, minus the opening loss against No. 1 Alabama at the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. However, it is worth noting that their wins were not against any conference opponents.

A win for Ga. Tech this week would certainly be helpful in their momentum going into next weekend’s match against No. 15 Miami in Florida. But it won’t come easy; there are not just the injuries to overcome, there’s also the fact that Ga. Tech has lost to Va. Tech in their last three years of match ups.


3 thoughts on “Georgia Tech with Multiple Injuries

  1. salack1027

    Georgia Tech’s injuries are definitely worth noting and this was a good topic choice. I think it would have helped to have an intro paragraph rather than jump right into talking about an injured player. Also, I found myself having to read some sentences several times. The flow of the post would be better with just a few minor tweaks. I think it would’ve helped as well if you specifically explained how the injuries could affect Georgia Tech for the rest of the season. Overall, the information provided was accurate and to the point and I enjoyed reading the post.

  2. Benjamin Wolk

    It’s easy to just watch a game and say ‘oh, that guy just got hurt.’ What isn’t as easy is looking into all of the possible implications of that injury. What’s next for the injured player? Who is going to fill his/her role? What games might the injury prove to be a big factor? You did that and more in this post, which proves your skill of looking deeply into the topic. I would probably have listed a report of how the replacement players have done in fill-in roles, and maybe some statistics from the past of those players, if there are any.

  3. Savannah Brock

    I was interested in reading this because it is a different topic. I think because your title is about Ga. Tech’s injuries you could go into a little more detail about each of the players you highlighted on and maybe their personal impact towards the team.
    I did however like the advance you gave about the game against VT. It was interesting to point out that unlike GT, Virginia Tech’s wins weren’t from any conference games. I do think that did show how well GT is doing even with these injuries.


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