Fresno State making noise in the polls

The Mountain West is finally getting some recognition thanks to Fresno State. After a thrilling win over their Boise State rivals for the Milk Can, the Bulldogs have now entered the AP poll at No.25. Up until this past weekend, Boise State owned the trophy every year since 2006. However, the Bulldogs pulled out a 41-40 win to bring the trophy back to Bulldog Stadium for the second time since the trophy was added to the rivalry back in 2005.

Fresno State has been fighting its way into the polls since the season started. Last week, the team entered the USA Today poll at No.25 with 75 points and is now ranked No.23. In the AP poll, which is considered more prevalent, the Bulldogs have entered with 110 points, just 21 shy of passing both Texas Tech and Wisconsin.

The Mountain West is a conference with several talented teams. However, with dominant forces like the SEC getting most of the attention, the conference doesn’t get the consideration that it should. Outside of Fresno State, teams like Boise State, UNLV, Utah State and Wyoming are off to pretty decent starts. With its lack of recognition, it is easy forget that the Mountain West is producing some noteworthy success.

With the Bulldogs sneaking their way into the spotlight, this can lead to more teams from the conference possibly following their lead. Hopefully a fire will be ignited, causing the other guys to play harder and fight for their turn in the limelight as well.


3 thoughts on “Fresno State making noise in the polls

  1. mattsinger26

    I really like how you kept your focus on Fresno State but showed what them entering the Top 25 polls meant for the whole conference. You also used a lot of good stats and facts when it came to describing where Fresno State was at in the polls and what they need to do next to move up in them. The only thing I can recommend you working on a little is trying to smooth up your transitions between paragraphs, but other than that this is an awesome post!

  2. Maria Torres

    This is a very well-written blog that touches on a topic not many people think about, so good job digging it up! Next time you should consider showing the reader how exactly Fresno State has tried to make noise. What were its scores and against what teams? That provides necessary context for the blog to be even better understood. Also, how have other MWC teams been successful? Sometimes a little more information is necessary, even if it seems like the post is too long.

  3. collinsbradshaw

    The title of this blog makes the reader want to continue reading! I really enjoyed reading this blog and thought that I learned everything there is to learn about the Fresno State Bulldogs in the polls. I would encourage you to maybe talk more about what this means for the future games of Fresno State but other than that, great job!


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