Big Ten blog- On Penn State Scholarships by Raleigh Harbin

Penn State to regain scholarships over the next few years

By Raleigh Harbin

Penn State will begin getting its scholarships back over the course of the next couple seasons, according to The Nittany Lions under head coach Tim O’Brien posted an 8-4 overall record, with a 6-2 Big Ten record in the 2012 season, after long time head coach Joe Paterno was fired, then passed away following the child molestation scandal. Now, Penn State will try to rebuild its program, as the number of scholarships it receives will increase through 2015, culminating at 80 total scholarships that year, then after that Penn State could be working with the full 85 scholarships. The decision by the NCAA to begin granting State the scholarships has caused outrage amongst those in opposition to Penn State, many of whom believe the Penn State football program should have received the death penalty after covering up the heinous sex crimes committed by Jerry Sandusky over the course of years that he worked in the program. It is a shame what happened to those kids, and as a result many members of the media are making a ruckus about their opposition to the granting of scholarships back into the program. While there’s no doubt that the crimes are sickening, unacceptable, and any other term used to describe heinous and terrible, it wasn’t the football team that committed these crimes, and the punishment it received was more than fitting of the crimes that no one will ever be able to make up for, and no one will ever be able to help the victims fully recover from.


3 thoughts on “Big Ten blog- On Penn State Scholarships by Raleigh Harbin

  1. crstroh

    I agree with Jake that this is a huge controversy to take on– props for doing so. More links to support your blog would’ve been helpful. There were plenty of opportunities where the reader could’ve really benefit from outside sources and information. The beginning of the blog seems more objective than towards the end. I know it’s really hard on this topic, but try to maintain objectivity and stay away from sounding bias. This is definitely an interesting story to follow so freshening up on a little background was a good idea!

  2. loganbooker

    Definitely break this article up into shorter paragraphs. Hard to read as one long statement.

    Add a second hyperlink, and back it up with a little more facts rather than opinion.

  3. jleber10

    The whole Penn State situation is a tricky thing to write about. The NCAA seems to create punishments as they go instead of setting standards, causing confusion and mistrust amongst followers of the sport. Kudos for taking on a controversial topic.

    1. You are supposed to have two hyperlinks per blog post, and this only has one.
    2. I think the post comes off as opinionated. You state that you think the punishments were too harsh, but you don’t provide evidence as to why. You only use your thoughts about the situation. I would have compared Penn State’s penalties to other programs that have faced harsh punishments as well (USC, SMU, etc.) to try figure out exactly what Penn State should have received.
    3. This kind of goes with #1. I would have posted another link to someone that is outraged about the decision after you mentioned it.


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