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Week 3 of the season came to a close with seven teams undefeated.  The Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks are all 3-0.

The Miami Dolphins.  Who would’ve thought the Dolphins would be among the undefeated teams after their 7-9 season last year?  The Dolphins scored with under a minute left to lift them 27-23 over the Atlanta Falcons, the reigning NFC South champs.  This is the first time the Dolphins start the season 3-0 since 2002.  Miami will travel to the Superdome to play the also undefeated New Orleans Saints on Monday in hopes of continuing their undefeated season and to break their four-season losing streak.

Another surprising team on the 3-0 list are the Kansas City Chiefs.  In their 3rd week of play, they have already won more games than they did last year when they finished the season 2-14.  The Chiefs’ defense sacked Michael Vick six times in Thursday’s night’s 26-16 win against the Eagles, which included a 38-yard interception return by Eric Berry which lifted the Chiefs 10-0 early in the 1st quarter.

The four-time MVP winner does it again.  While the Broncos advanced to 3-0 with a 37-21 win in Monday night’s showdown against the Oakland Raiders, Peyton Manning set another NFL record.  He set the record for the most touchdowns passes through the first three games with 12, beating Tom Brady’s 2011 record with 11 touchdown passes.  In Maning’s 32-37-0-374 night, Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker combined for 25 receptions for 311 receiving yards.

The Seattle Seahawks shut down the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-0 in the first half and continued onto winning the game 45-17 on Sunday.  Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson combined and completed 21 out of 29 passes for 323 yards with five touchdowns and only one interception.  The Seahawks also out-rushed the Jaguars by a little over a 100 yards.  Seattle’s defense held Jacksonville to just two touchdowns and a field goal.  Defensive end, Christ Clemons had a big impact on his first game back coming off of his ACL surgery.  He pressured Chad Henne which held off Jacksonville’s offense and helped the Seahawks improve to 3-0.


2 thoughts on “AFC Blog

  1. Ben Bolton

    I enjoyed your blog a lot. It’s funny how I did the same style, but with the worst teams in the AFC. The only edits I saw were that you accidentally spelled Chris Clemons wrong, and when you listed out Manning’s stats. The stats were fine, but the conversation you were presenting didn’t need them to be listed. Overall, I thought it was good!

  2. Miss__Melanie

    Good post Jamie, however I think that you should only mention all of those undefeated teams if you’re going to talk about all of them. I was looking for you to break down each team’s recent performance. Manning’s name is misspelled and you accidentally put “Christ Clemons” instead of “Chris”. Also be sure to go back and check for AP style mistakes such as Week “3” instead of three and “3rd” instead of third.


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