3 Losses and a Funeral

3 games. 3 losses.

The Giants have not started a season this poorly since 1996. And to take matters from frustration to full on crisis mode, the third game of this trifecta of terror for the New York team was a 38-0 humiliation at the hands of the Carolina Panthers.

You read that right: a 38-point shutout loss to the offensively challenged Panthers, who entered the game without a win on the season, averaging just 15 points per game. In their entire history, Carolina has never won a game by a bigger margin.

Oh but it doesn’t stop there. The Giants have never lost a game by a more lopsided score in the 10-year tenure of Coach Tom Coughlin, a Hall of Fame coach with two Super Bowl victories on his resume.

No way is this the same Giants team that just 19 months ago won it’s second Super Bowl in just five years. This season is unprecedented.  But just how much worse can it get?

Worse it appears. A LOT worse.

The Giants’ next three games include two games on the road against unbeaten teams, the
Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Bears.
And while the Giants have previously recovered from an 0-2 start (in 2007 to advance on to win
the Super Bowl) the program has never recovered from an 0-3 start to even make the playoffs.
Right now, under the current NFL playoff format, the team has less than a 1 percent chance of
reaching postseason play in this disappointment of a season.
It seems as if the Giants are laying their season to rest in the gaping hole they have dug for themselves the past three weeks.

3 thoughts on “3 Losses and a Funeral

  1. bpatbend

    I agree it’s crazy that the Giants, the team who’s won two Super Bowls under Coughlin, has had this start to their season. As far as the piece goes, I liked it. I wouldn’t refer to an NFL team though as a “program”. I feel like that’s used more for college teams. Other than that, I really liked it.

  2. kfairbanks22

    Editorial wise, be careful with spacing. Part of your writing was double spaced and part was single spaced. There are a few teams whose records surprise me this year. The Giants and the Steelers are still 0-4. It will either take a miracle or a change in coaching staff for these teams to come back and make it to playoffs.

  3. cpace2016

    As far as editorial comments, I think it’s mostly just style stuff. The “And” in the lede isn’t necessary and “Oh” should be followed by a comma. The Giants start has surprised everyone, I think. The argument could have been made further with Giants’ statistics this year, particularly the number of times Eli has been sacked this season and how many times they’ve turned the ball over. The loss to the Panthers is abysmal and their schedule doesn’t make it look like things are getting any better. I wonder if Coughlin is on his way out?


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