College football programs across the country may only be four short weeks into the season, but that has not stopped prediction rhetoric from seeping into the dialogues of both reporters and fans of the ACC. Who will represent the Atlantic Division in the ACC Championship Game on Dec. 7 could largely be decided by who wins the Oct. 19 game between No. 3 Clemson and No. 8 Florida State. With the impending game on the minds of both Clemson and FSU fans alike, the question and subsequent predictions remain: Will we see the winner of the quickly-approaching Death Valley matchup in Charlotte at the end of the season?
FSU is ranked first in the conference, followed next by Clemson despite this week’s AP poll. Although freshman quarterback Jameis Winston has proven that he and his Seminoles squad are deserving of national attention, will the team’s less-than-impressive schedule leading into the matchup have prepared them for Tajh Boyd’s offensive onslaught that brought Top 10-ranked Georgia to its knees?

That remains to be seen. FSU has scored a total of 157 points in just three games (Clemson is averaging a little under 37 points in three games in comparison to nearly 52 PPG for FSU), but Clemson has seen more worthy opponents in both Georgia and North Carolina State than FSU has so far. Both teams are likely to go into the game still undefeated, as neither opponent faces a ranked team prior to the matchup and FSU will be coming off a bye week.

But like predictions go, this chatter is not solely regarding the outcome of one mid-October game, but rather its implications towards a more season-defining end result.

A loss will be particularly detrimental to either team’s conference championship hopes, but FSU’s challenges will not stop following its appearance in Death Valley; it will have to face No. 15 Miami that has recently shown impressive determination to ultimately represent the Coastal Division in December.


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  1. connorriley

    Its a solid blog post but I feel like you sort of just brush of the rest of the conference by making it about just these two teams. Maryland, at the time of the blog post was undefeated and could pose a threat for Clemson, especially when you consider they play them on the road a week after playing Florida State. And I’m confused as to what you mean by ranked ahead in the conference. The two teams have played the same amount of Conference games, each being 1-0 in conference.

  2. Benjamin Wolk

    I really like your ability to look ahead and already be thinking how these next few weeks could alter that big matchup on Oct. 19. With that said, that may be looking a little too far ahead (for now) since we have another blog assignment in between now and then. Regardless, it can never hurt to be a forward thinker. Also, add a title just so I know what I’m getting into before I start reading the post.

  3. Kristin Hiller

    You probably just forgot to post a title, but I like to have titles so I know what I’m about to read. I feel like you shouldn’t ask questions in your post; instead, provide us with answers. Some of your diction could be more direct and basic for an easier read. But I liked the topic of your post and how you include context about the past and insight about the future.

  4. connorsmo

    Solid blog Tanya because the winner of the game is probably set to see the ACC championship. Neither team plays a tough schedule, and this will be the biggest game of the season for both of them. Like that you stacked the two teams up against in each other, and Florida State does have the tougher road just because they have an ACC opponent in Miami. Both teams do have to play Maryland who has impressed this year, but if Clemson gets by Florida State, its last game against South Carolina will be huge. If they lose that game and win the ACC championship there is still little hope for national championship berth.

  5. Savannah Brock

    This was an interesting blog because you were looking ahead to one of the biggest anticipated games this season, which I liked!
    One thing to make sure not to forget next time is the heading. I didn’t know what the blog was about until I started to read it and I feel headings are the thing that ultimately grab the reader’s attention.
    The other thing I noticed were some really long sentences that seemed to drag on. Maybe try to cut them shorter to make your point stronger. There were times I would have to stop and reread a sentence to get the full thought.


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