Derek Carr Should be a Heisman Trophy Finalist Come December

Going into this past weekend, Fresno State had not beaten perennial Mountain West power Boise State since 2005. Thanks to senior signal caller Derek Carr, the Bulldogs have claimed a victory against their in-conference rivals once more. Carr threw for 460 yards and 4 touchdowns and led a late fourth-quarter drive to seal a 41-40 win in Fresno. With a performance like last weekend’s along with his 373.3 yards per game passing and 12 passing touchdowns this season, one cannot help but start to wonder about Carr’s Heisman Trophy prospects.

Traditionally, players from mid-major schools have not had much success at winning the Heisman, with the last mid-major winner being Ty Detmer in 1990 for BYU. Unfortunately for Carr, he has a lot more than history going against him. Fresno State has already had a game postponed this year, against a lowly Colorado team whose defense would have been no match for Carr, and if they cannot reschedule the game it is just one less opportunity for him to prove himself on a national stage. He also plays in the Mountain West, which has long been underrated as a conference on the national level.

Fresno State just jumped back into the Top 25 of the BCS Guru’s rankings, usually a pretty good determiner of what teams will see postseason success; and none of it would have been possible without the play and leadership of Carr. If he continues to play at the high level he has been this season and Fresno State continues winning each test left on their schedule, he not only should be a Heisman finalist, he needs to be one. And a Heisman finalist with a real chance at winning the award at that.


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