Maryland picks up big win, poses ACC title threat

While Clemson was trying its hardest to not pull a Clemson, and Florida State and the University of Miami beat up on cupcakes, the most impressive victory for an ACC team over the weekend may have been the Maryland Terrapins beating rival West Virgina in Baltimore 37-0. It was the biggest victory in the the series since Maryland beat West Virginia 54-7 in 1954. Maryland improved to 4-0 on the season, making it the teams best start since 2001, the last time Maryland won the ACC Championship.
One of the reasons for the success of the team has to be the play of quaterback CJ Brown.
Brown, who was missed all of last season with an injury for the Terps, has thrown for 7 touchdowns and for 1050 while completing over 66% of his passes. Brown has also shown the ability to pose a threat on the ground, having already rushed for six touchdowns.The stability Brown has brought to the position is a far cry from what Maryland had last year. The Terps lost four different quarterbacks to season ending injuries last season, as they stumbled their way to four wins. The Terps have already equaled that number this season. Another reason for the success is due to the continued excellence of sophomore wide receiver Stefon Diggs.
Diggs, the number 13 recruit in the 2012 class according to ESPN, put up 1,896 total yards as a true freshman, and already has 400 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns on the young season.
Maryland head coach Randy Edsall speaks very highly of the Maryland receiver.”I just love being around him because he is a competitor. He’s on the sidelines getting guys going,doing things you want players like him to do. He’s special,” Edsall told the Hartford Courant.
Maryland’s schedule will get tougher, as they have a trip to Florida State on October 5th, but the schedule does set up favorably for Maryland with home games coming against Clemson and Virginia. For the time being Maryland led quarterback CJ Brown and wide receiver Stefon Diggs have Maryland looking like a contender.


3 thoughts on “Maryland picks up big win, poses ACC title threat

  1. Benjamin Wolk

    This is a great post. Much of the media world, and the bloggers in this class, have focused on the big 3 in the ACC — Clemson, Florida State and Miami. But, what often gets lost, is the less covered teams who are also having standout season. I like how you bring to the attention that Maryland is doing well, but you go beyond just that. You mention the implications of Maryland’s potential success, noticing that Maryland could challenge some of those teams for a conference title. To build off this, you might want to talk about some of the teams Maryland has played this year, and detail how they fared in those games because sometimes a 4-0 record can be deceiving (just look at Michigan, LOL).

  2. Kristin Hiller

    I really like your second and third sentences in the opening paragraph because of the context they provide. But I think your lead sentence is a little long and could have better wording to just get to the point. Be careful of a few style errors such as spelling out numbers below 10 and the word “percent.” Also, you probably don’t need that many links.

  3. Savannah Brock

    This was interesting because you don’t really hear much about Maryland. I thought you did a good job explaining the certain roles key players have as well as their impact this season.
    I would say look back on your first sentence because I had to reread it a few times and I did not fully understand it. Also, either put space between paragraphs or indent the first word so the readers know you’ve started a new one. While reading I felt like it was one continuous paragraph.


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