Colorado State losing to Alabama: good for recruiting?

According to the Mountain West Connection Website, Colorado State seems to be catching grief from their loss to the No. 1 team in the nation, but could there be some good coming out of playing this powerhouse team despite the brutal loss? Besides the $1.5 million pay, Colorado State is also looking at boosting their reputation in the recruiting world.

How could one team boost their reputation by losing to the No.1 team in the nation? If a team loses, isn’t that a negative in recruit’s eyes? Yes and no. A positive that stems from Colorado State (a lesser known team) playing Alabama (No.1 powerhouse team) is the visibility it brings to Colorado State. In the article on the Mountain West Connection website it says, High recruits might happen to love the fact that every few years they get the chance to prove themselves to the world by playing these well known teams. On the other hand, a negative could stem from high recruits playing against these well-known teams and getting stomped all over if all goes according to “plan”.

Another positive for Colorado State recruiting is that every player wants to face quality competition. In order to make it to the NFL, a player needs recognition from scouts. At these large games, scouts are flocking and if a team like Colorado State is expected to lose by a couple of touchdowns, what do they have to lose? Nothing! If they lose, they were expected to do so all along, and if they upset, they get recognition and visibility like never before. Playing the best, can only help create the best program, so why not!

Ryan Krous sees it as a positive by saying,” I remember talking to recruits last cycle that had mentioned the ‘coolness factor’, if you will, of playing Alabama. Kids want that kind of experience and TV exposure for family and friends to see.”


4 thoughts on “Colorado State losing to Alabama: good for recruiting?

  1. mattsinger26

    I liked how you asked a lot of good questions in your post, as a reader it made me think about the answer and want to continue reading to see what you thought the answers were yourself. I also think you had a really good structure and had a clear and focused approach about what each paragraph was about. There are just a few small grammar mistakes every now and then so just make sure to proofread closely, other than that it’s a really engaging and interesting post! Great job!

  2. mariyalewter

    I really liked this blog post! You made a lot of great points, and I agreed with them all. It would definitely make a lot of people look at these types of games differently.

  3. Maria Torres

    Great tone in this post! You raise some interesting questions for the reader and provide good context for why playing/losing to a No. 1 team can be a good thing with that quote from Krous.

    In addition to naming the powerhouse team higher up, be careful not to ask too many questions of the reader. More than one is a little overwhelming and it’s easier to just answer the questions without prompting the reader. Surprise them with information! Also, make sure to check your punctuation. Periods are almost never outside of quotation marks.

  4. egrims

    (Commenting here because there’s only one other blog on my beat.)

    I really liked this post. It’s an interesting view at something that a lot of people don’t look into. In the first paragraph, I would have mentioned Alabama by name more than just saying the No. 1 team in the nation. If the reader didn’t know who was No. 1 at the time, it might be confusing. I do like the fact that you go into the positives of the matchup — players getting to face some of the nation’s best every few years and getting the attention of NFL scouts. However, you might have wanted to look into some of the negatives to balance out the argument. Could playing a much better team be dangerous to players not trained to take hard hits from an elite team like Alabama? Overall, I thought it was a great post and gave a lot of insight to something I hadn’t really ever thought of before.


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