Weekend Football Advances

The two advances I chose for this assignment came from the two games that dominated sports media coverage for the week leading into this weekend–Alabama vs. Texas A&M and the Denver Broncos vs. the New York Giants.

This advance from SB Nation discusses how Nick Saban will adjust his defense to take on the offensive challenge that is Johnny Manziel. This piece is a more analytical, well-thought-out and researched long form piece that discusses Saban’s defensive coaching experience and overall master mind, then breaks down plays from last season’s matchup, how the Crimson Tide came up short, and what adjustments Saban might make to beat Johnny Football at his own game.

The next advance, although short, steps away from the technical aspects of the game and aims to address the emotional implications of a game. In the case of the Broncos vs. Giants game, the most important story line going into Sunday’s matchup was the two Manning brothers going head-to-head for the third time. I like this advance because it was able to convey such an important factor in this game–two potential Hall of Fame quarterbacks that happen to be brothers–in a very short but effective piece.


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