Two Good Preview Stories

The first story I chose was a preview of Saturday’s UCLA vs. Nebraska from SB Nation. I like this preview both because it was very in depth and did a good job of identifying the major players and story lines for the game. The way that Bill Connelly explained the significance of the match up from both the perspective of last year’s game and this season’s trends did a great job of setting the stage and shed insight on some nuances of the game of which I was not aware. Another good preview I read this weekend related to the contest between the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans courtesy of Bleacher Report. While this preview was nowhere near as in-depth as the previous, it did a much better job of identifying that which it was targeting. It began with a basic overview of the season as a whole, progressed into team specific details that fans and fantasy owners would like to know, and then slid nicely into the major story lines and predictions.


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