Big Ten/MAC Advances

Kent State’s star player Dri Archer has been day-to-day since suffering a left ankle sprain in the Golden Flashes’ opening drive of the season. Everyone wondered whether Dri Archer would be returning against the non-conference. No. 8 LSU Stephanie Storm of the Akron Beacon Journal explains the positives and negatives of Archer’s missing another game. This advance caught my attention because it highlighted how Archer could benefit from taking another week off, rather than just pleading for his return.

Brian Rosenthal’s piece about the UCLA-Nebraska game did a great job of finding a matchup (OLB Anthony Barr and QB Taylor Martinez) and really analyzing it. UCLA’s Barr seemed to be the biggest threat for the first to sack Martinez this season. In the end, Martinez ended up being sacked twice on Saturday, neither by Barr.


2 thoughts on “Big Ten/MAC Advances

  1. raleighh

    You did a good job of covering both the Big 10 and MAC within one blog post. Talking about one of the MAC’s premiere players on one of its better teams, the blog is well put together and equipped with copious information.
    Your summary of the big 10 blog works but there could be some background on the overall situation and what part of the game you were talking about.

  2. loganbooker

    Instead os using the term “Everyone wondered…” I would have used “It has been widely speculated…” Using “Everyone” sounds kind of like you are making up your readers minds for them.

    In your hyperlinks, I would place the link within a few words that give a brief previews of what the link is, not at “This advance.”

    Good article, though!


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