Weekend Football Advances

The preview of the Denver Broncos vs. New York Giants game is good because it shows a key contrast between Peyton and Eli Manning. Peyton tied the record for passing TD’s in a game last week, but Eli contributed to the Giants’ six total turnovers. The Manning brothers have each had great careers, yet their week one performances were very different. There’s good background information on the history of the Manning brothers against each other and what it’s going to take for each of them to win. The conclusion of the article is great too, with a quote from Eli Manning about what it’s like to play against his brother.

The preview of the San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks game is good because it stresses the importance of their rivalry with each other. Both teams’ starting QB’s are very similar in style and are coming off of great performances in week one. The article discusses various events dating back to 2010 that have contributed to the hatred between both teams. Also, there are great quotes from the head coaches and key players that explain why they think their respective team is better and will win this week.


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