Sneak Peeks into Notre Dame and Boise State

This advanced story is a very insightful piece of writing. I say that because Coach Kelly is giving his opinions about the upcoming game and being forward in his answers. He is not counting out Purdue and he is looking to last year’s game. Instead of completely counting Purdue out, Coach Kelly compliments Purdue’s head coach, Hazell, and says that it is an in state rival and the only thing Notre Dame can do is to look back at last year’s game and learn from their mistakes. Coach Kelly talks of the upcoming game giving the Irish’s game plan, very abstractly. This is a very great advanced story with lots of “meat” and hearty content about the upcoming rivalry game between Notre Dame and Purdue.

This advanced story is another well-written piece. I really like how key players, strengths and weaknesses of both teams are shown and broken down. This gives the readers a chance to think about what to look for and who to look for before the game even begins. Both teams enter with 1-1 records and Boise State is said to be the favorite but I like how the article really and truly showed exactly what each team was going to have to do in order to walk away with the win.

Both Notre Dame and Boise State must be on their “A” games to win these games, and both teams know this.


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