Notre Dame and UNLV advances

I like this advance of the Notre Dame-Purdue game because it was short and to the point. I like how the article was divided into sections about what to expect from each offense, the intangible information, and the predicted outcome.

This advance of the UNLV-Central Michigan name had a similar setup, except it was more detailed. I like that it emphasized key players in the game, giving us specific people to look out for.


One thought on “Notre Dame and UNLV advances

  1. collinsbradshaw

    I liked how you Integrated other teams aside from Notre-Dame. I know personally, sharing this beat with you that whenever you are looking for Independents or Mountain West Conference teams, it is very difficult to get any information regarding any other team besides Notre Dame but I really like how you tied in UNLV and Central Michigan. I would encourage you to be more descriptive when you are talking about why you liked each advance. Maybe write a few more sentences urging the reader to want to click on your links! Good job!


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