Advances From The Weekend

The first advance I found is a piece from ESPN’s NFL Nation blog about the game between the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. I liked this article because it started off with interesting facts about the game that really help set the stage for the game and gave good background on the matchup; for instance the fact that the Lions haven’t won in over 20 years in Arizona was interesting to me and showed me some possible motivation the Lion’s players may have going into the game. I also liked how they set up the article, by naming the top four keys to the game the Lions need to meet if they want to win.

The second article I liked happened to be from my blog beat in the Mountain West, off the blog Mountain West Connection. The piece is a game preview of Central Michigan and UNLV, and does a very good job of explaining how UNLV has struggled this season (leading to their 0-2 record entering the game) and what they need to do to win for the first time this season. I also really liked how they laid out who the key players were and what they need to do to help their teams win.


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