Where does Brendan Langley go from here?

Nothing heals a heartbreaking loss to Clemson, like a win over South Carolina. However, for former South Carolina commit, Brendan Langley, the feelings might not be the same.

Langley, a true freshman out of Kell High School in Marietta, Georgia proved and earned the starting cornerback position this summer along with junior, Damian Swann. On Saturday, against No. 13 South Carolina, Brendan Langley did indeed perform like a true freshman.

According to the Ledger-Enquirer, South Carolina’s secondary coach reached out to Langley after a tough loss to No. 3 Clemson, after which Langley knew going up against South Carolina would be a tougher game; and he was right. The true freshman was responsible for 110 of South Carolina’s passing yards, along with 2 touchdowns from receivers he was covering.

So, where does Langley go from here? He has to get better, because others are vying for his spot, and he knows just that. Sophomore Sheldon Dawson and freshman Shaq Wiggins are itching to get on the field if Langley can’t pick up the pace.

Langley is commiting this game to his short-term memory. He says that he would “much rather have this happen the second game than the SEC Championship. So I’m gonna learn from it, go on about my business, get it better into the season. And we’ll see what happens toward the end.”

The Bulldogs are off this week and return to play on September 21 against North Texas at 12:21 p.m. in Athens.


2 thoughts on “Where does Brendan Langley go from here?

  1. theshandacrowe

    I really liked your reversal of the obvious “standout story” to the tale of the player who failed at their job. However, had I not already known the Langley played for Georgia, it would have taken some digging to figure it out since you never actually mention the Bulldogs until the last sentence. Think about your reader. Not everyone is a Dawg fan. Also, you need to attribute Langley’s quote since I assume you did not hear it yourself. Overall, I enjoyed your take on the topic since no one has done a story specifically on Langley to my knowledge.

  2. ncastre

    I think that this was an interesting topic to talk about, as Brendan Langley is relatively new to the college football scene. I think that you should have elaborated more on what Langley has to improve on rather than just vaguely saying that “he has to get better”. I would also try and back up that claim with more statistics or more articles prove your point further and show how he can get better overall.


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