Oregon, Faster than Ever?

Stop me if you heard this before, “Oregon’s offense is unstoppable.” The No. 2-ranked Oregon Ducks seem to be as potent on offense as ever through the first two games of the 2013 season.

New head coach, Mark Helfrich, was moved from offensive coordinator to head coach when Chip Kelly departed for the Philadelphia Eagles. As awkward as it may sound, Helfrich was the offensive coordinator, yet he never called one play at Oregon. Chip Kelly called every offensive play as Helfrich acted as simply an offensive consultant. Now with Kelly gone, Helfrich has his chance, and he has shined through the first two games.

In his first game as coach, Helfrich and the Ducks set a school record for total yards with 772. Oregon is ranked second in the nation with 425 rushing yards per game, and ranked third in terms of points per game (62.5). Granted that their first two opponents were Nicholls State and Virginia, facts are facts, and Helfrich has handled the reigns marvelously under the circumstances. The players seem to agree. Heisman-hopeful quarterback Marcus Mariota said to the media, “He held himself pretty well,.. he wasn’t getting angry at anything, really. He was pretty level-headed. I think that’s pretty cool for a head coach.”

Even as impressive, Oregon has maintained its “warp-speed” offense while committing zero turnovers and defensively only surrendering a staggering 6.5 points per game. However, some Duck fans are highly skeptical of Oregon’s performance over these first two games.

Many skeptics claim that their competition is weak which contributes to their explosive statistics. Others point out the passing efficiency of quarterback Marcus Mariota. Last year, Mariota only had two games with a completion percentage under 58% last year; he has two already this season. Last year, Oregon had only four three-and-outs; they have four three-and-outs in their first two weeks this season.

Answers should be given this weekend as the No. 2-ranked Oregon Ducks take on the Tennessee Volunteers in Autzen Stadium at 3:30 pm on ABC.


3 thoughts on “Oregon, Faster than Ever?

  1. nickvsuss

    This post did a good job of keeping the post conversational from the beginning, and as a blog post I think that was very important. However, I’d be wary of using that kind of a lede every time. It worked this time, but I think sometimes can come off like the beginning of a rant, not a story. Otherwise, I love the way you used stats. Good piece.

  2. catrinar31

    I think the way the first paragraph was brilliant because it had me interested and wanting to read the rest of the blog. The way you used your hyperlinks, statistics, and gave background on the coach shows that you know what you are talking about. On the fourth paragraph, I don’t know if i was use “Even as impressive”.

  3. laurenamayosports

    Good job of describing Oregon’s position and supporting the “hype” with statistics and facts. You also present the not so popular opinion of the skeptical fans. Good job staying objective. Once you mention Marcus Mariota the first time, you should refer to him by last name the rest of the story. I like you’re paragraph structure and diction “surrendering a staggering 65 points”. Great job.


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