Murray proves himself in Georgia’s triumph over South Carolina

There has long been much criticism of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray’s performance in big games–the ones against ranked opponents. However, the senior quarterback proved himself as a powerhouse threat in the No. 11 Georgia Bulldogs’ 41-30 victory over the No. 6 South Carolina Gamecocks on Saturday in Athens, Ga.

Murray completed 17-of-23 passes totaling 309 yards and four touchdowns, and not a single turnover stained their statistics.

The pressure resulting from last week’s loss to the Clemson Tigers and an even larger disappointment after the SEC championship game left many wondering if Murray could come through when it counted, but he showed that he can improvise when necessary and shoulder the stress with ease. Twice in the showdown with the Gamecocks, he powered through the pressure of a third down and found the open hands of receivers for a touchdown pass. 

On the second time, it appeared that acclaimed defensive end Jadeveon Clowney would have the chance to sack a prone Murray, but after an attack on Clowney by defensive tackle Mark Beard, Murray was able to change directions and complete a 85-yard touchdown pass to Justin Scott-Wesley.

The Bulldogs are accustomed to the unwavering pressure to rise to the top of a consistently dominating conference.

Georgia has fallen to South Carolina twice in the past two years just to fight their way back into the SEC championship game. 

“We’ve been through a lot and understand what it means to lose early and fight back out of that hole,” said Murray according to ESPN who responded to criticism with an impressive showcase of talent in Saturday’s win.


5 thoughts on “Murray proves himself in Georgia’s triumph over South Carolina

  1. Loni Gibson

    There has been a lot of question around if Aaron Murray can perform against ranked teams. I enjoyed reading your post. It was clear on why Aaron Murray may be viewed as less than impressive in big games. This was a good option as an advance. Overall, I think you did well.

  2. jamiehannn

    Great post overall with a lot of details. I like that you included a few key plays in it specifically. From an editor’s point, the only thing that stood out to me is how choppy the paragraphs were. Like mentioned in lecture, try to avoid having a lot of one-sentence paragraphs. A few factual errors but overall a good post.

  3. ncastre

    I thought that this was a good topic for a blog post because Aaron Murray has definitely been a hot topic of criticism the past couple of years due to his inability to finish in big games. I liked how you ended the post with a quote by Murray to kind of wrap the point that you were trying to make. I would just be careful in your wording as your opening sentence was a little awkward to read. I would also always make sure to check your facts before posting, as there were a lot of factual errors, as was mentioned previously. But overall I liked the topic of the post and I think that it was very intriguing and informational.

  4. jfedich

    I liked this blog post. The biggest issue I saw was a factual error when you called Mark Beard a defensive tackle when he is in fact an offensive tackle. I do like how you focused on that one play and how neutralizing Clowney was the key to success on that momentum-shifting play. I might want to mention that South Carolina had previously beaten Georgia three straight times before this instead of two straight times. The quote from ESPN at the end highlighted Murray’s ability to finally win a big game, and I thought you placed it well at the end of your blog post. Overall, a great blog post, just put more of a focus on eliminating the factual errors.

  5. egrims

    (Commenting here because there is only one other blog up on my own beat.)

    I thought this was a pretty good blog post. It’s full of information as to why Murray may be finally breaking out of his “big game slump.” One thing to note though is some little things throughout like making sure to put said after Murray and just Clemson or just Tigers upon second reference. The first paragraph seems kind of number-heavy as well, so maybe spread out some of the rankings, scores and other such info into other sentences. Overall I thought you did a good job on a topic that is on a lot of people’s minds.


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