Miami adds another marquee win for ACC

On Saturday the Miami Hurricanes picked up another win for the Atlantic Coast Conference(ACC) over a Southeastern Conference(SEC) opponent, beating Florida 21-16. The Hurricanes were lead by their tough defense, forcing a total of five turnovers, three of which came in the red zone. The win would propel Miami into the AP Poll for the first time since 2010 according to CBS Sports.The game is also the last scheduled game between the two longtime rivals,with Miami leading the all-time series 29 to 26 according

The win for Miami was also the second win for the ACC over a ranked SEC team, the first coming with Clemson beating UGA on August 31st . The previous season the ACC only won one regular season game against the SEC, with Clemson beating Auburn. In the Chick-fil-a bowl Clemson was able to beat LSU on a last second field goal, to give the ACC some momentum coming into the season. While North Carolina and Virginia Tech did lose to SEC opponents, the ACC will have a chance to add some more quality wins at the end of the season.

The final week of the regular season has three marque ACC vs. SEC games slated, with all of the games having potential national championship implications. Georgia is at Georgia Tech, Florida State is at Florida, and Clemson is at South Carolina. It will be interesting to see if the ACC can pick up some more wins against the “dominating” SEC


5 thoughts on “Miami adds another marquee win for ACC

  1. tanyasic

    This was a good post overall. Starting with a more narrow angle (Miami beating UF) and getting more broad was a good approach to your argument about the ACC coming up in the overall conference ranks. That being said, I agree with one of the earlier comments about how it would be interesting for you to dive more into the BCS implications you touched on. Also, I think when you put the link in your posts you don’t necessarily have to say “according to…” since it kind of interrupts the flow of the piece.

  2. Benjamin Wolk

    Way to get into the meat of the blog post right away. There was no need to beat around the bush at the start, so you didn’t. I would suggest maybe delving more into the BCS implications that may come from Clemson, Miami and Florida State’s early success. You make mention of how it makes the ACC look, but what recognition it may give them going forward. Great job at the end of looking at ACC-SEC matchups several weeks down the line to inform the reader that this story is one that has the potential to come up again.

  3. kohiller

    This was solidly written and I like how you included multiple links. That being said, since many of us were posting on this same topic I’m not sure you really brought anything new to the table. The feedback Professor Michaelis gave on my own blog post was to be more specific in order to shed new light on something.

  4. salack1027

    I like the topic of your article, as it is highly debated in college football right now. The ACC has been “bullied” around by the SEC for many years in a row and is showing hope of that trend changing soon. I like how you included how other ACC schools in addition to Miami faired against SEC opponents. I think it would have made your post better if you included more about what the win means for Miami this season as their program seems to be regaining national recognition. Now that the Hurricanes are ranked in the top 25, it would have been interesting to include various peoples’ perspectives on if they can maintain such status or lose it. In all, I enjoyed reading this post and think it did a great job of including hyperlinks when appropriate and providing good support for the key points.

  5. Savannah Brock

    I liked the way you started off with the game between Miami and Florida. You did a good job by including key plays that the Miami defense did to secure their win and talked about their ranking in the AP Poll since 2010.
    One thing I would have to say is since you put Miami in the title, I feel you should have added a little more about the game. I think it would have made a larger affect if more game information was included to show how important of a win it actually was.
    It was also interesting how you added in the examples of the other ACC teams who have beaten SEC teams this season alone. It was interesting to bring it up because I personally would not have thought about the other games. It shows how the ACC is finally starting to fight against, as you stated, the “dominating” SEC.


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