Kenny Guiton and Braxton Miller

A quarterback controversy in Columbus?  Probably not, but backup quarterback Kenny Guiton certainly turned heads filling in for Braxton Miller in Saturday’s win against San Diego State.

Guiton, a senior from Houston, Texas, threw for 152 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Aztecs, and also lead the team in rushing with 82 yards and a touchdown.  This after starter and Heisman hopeful Braxton Miller went down with a knee injury in the 1st quarter.  Ohio State still won 42-7, all without their standout quarterback.  Buckeye fans must have let out a collective gasp when they saw their offensive star clutching his knee.  After Guiton’s performance, they have probably rested a little easier.

The play of Guiton serves as a testimony to the amount of depth Ohio State has on both sides of the ball.    The fourth ranked team in the nation has actually had the injury bug this season, including losing two corners for the season.  However, they have cruised through the first two games of the season.  Granted, their competition has not been very strong and they haven’t played a conference game yet, but the Buckeyes still look just as solid on both sides of the ball.  Guiton is just one of multiple players who have gotten a chance to start because of injuries and have performed well.

With Braxton Miller’s status is in question for Saturday’s game against California, Guiton might get more playing time.  As a graduating senior, this attention may be vital to Guiton if he wants to try to play professional football.  So far, Braxton Miller’s backup has gone above and beyond expectations.


3 thoughts on “Kenny Guiton and Braxton Miller

  1. raleighh

    Bringing up a quarterback controversy is always a good idea because people become so intrigued with this kind of thing.
    Is there any proof that he will play over Braxton Miller after the injury? What are his stats, if any, against teams that are of higher quality than San Diego State?

  2. loganbooker

    The “2 touchdowns” should be spelled out into “two touchdowns,” as any number less than 10 is spelled out in AP.

    YOu used back-to-back sentences that started with “However,” and “Granted,” which may lose your readers, and it also seems like you may be defending your reasoning for something, even if you are not.

    A really good read, however! Personally i hope they lose, and lose soon. Sick of hearing about them already. Haha.

  3. crstroh

    It’s interesting looking at this post now that it’s a week later and Kenny Guiton was named Walter Camp Offensive Player of the Week. Clearly, he is a very capable backup.
    Editor’s Comments: Third paragraph, last sentence…subject verb disagreement. A little cliche heavy, but nothing doing harm to the piece. I liked that you went a little more into what it means that Ohio State has two good QBs. That could be be a feature article for pages, but this was a good, concise look at it.


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