Cam Cameron Adds Balance To An Overlooked LSU Team

In 2007, Cam Cameron was the head coach of a helpless Miami Dolphins football team that finished the season 1-15.  Besides the lack of talent on the team, it was entirely apparent that Cameron was not meant to be a head coach in the NFL.

He was offered his next job in 2008 as offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens, where he helped Joe Flacco and company become a respectable offense to rival their elite defense.  However, Cameron was fired more than three quarters into last season due to inconsistency in offensive production, despite the team having 9-4 record.  The Ravens went on to win a Superbowl without him.

Cam Cameron was hired by LSU this season to be their offensive coordinator.  Already two games into the season, it’s clear he’s making a difference on the offense.

Under the tutelage of head coach Les Miles, LSU has long been known for having a strong defense and an offense that can score just enough points to take down some of the stronger teams in the conference.  Cam Cameron has already shown that this season will be different, as the Tigers have scored a combined 93 points in their first two games against TCU and UAB.

Cam Cameron is making all aspects of this offense better.  He’s implemented an offensive system that focuses on a faster tempo and encompasses running backs and tight ends in the passing game.

Many wondered coming into the season if quarterback Zach Mettenberger would take that next step to becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the SEC.  So far, he’s on the right track; he’s thrown for 6 TDs and has yet to turn the ball over.

In addition to Mettenberger, LSU has a breakout wide receiver/returner in Odell Beckham.  Beckham scored 3 reception touchdowns and one 100-yard missed field goal return touchdown in their 56-17 rout of UAB.

Cameron has brought a swagger to this offense and is helping to make LSU look even more balanced than 2007 when they won the national championship.  LSU could be better than Alabama right now, but until they beat the 2-time defending champ Crimson Tide, LSU may not garner the respect they deserve.


2 thoughts on “Cam Cameron Adds Balance To An Overlooked LSU Team

  1. ncastre

    I enjoyed reading this article as it is a topic that is worth discussing looking at Cam Cameron’s past jobs and failures. I personally did not know too much about Cameron so it was nice reading about how he is improving the LSU offense immensely rather than just talking about his failed stints in the NFL. The links that you provided were informational and relevant to the topic. Cameron’s story is definitely one to keep an eye on as LSU’s season goes on and see how much of an impact he has in the end. Overall I think that this was a very good and relevant blog post.

  2. vaughn9

    Well written and both easy and fun to read. Great and interesting topic (LSU’s improving offense since they are typically a defense first team) with good links to back it up. I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about this post.


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