BYU makes statement in win over Texas

The Brigham Young Cougars want to be taken seriously, and after their 40-21 win over the Texas Longhorns, they should be. Coming off a disappointing loss to Virginia the week before, the Cougars recorded 72 carries and 550 rush yards in Saturday’s game. Not only is this the most rush yards in BYU history, but it is also the most yards the Longhorns have ever allowed.

The game can be a testament of how well BYU’s offense really is or how poor Texas’ defense performed. The Cougars executed considerably better than the Longhorns in several areas. One area was third-down efficiency where BYU was 10-21, while Texas was only 5-17.

If you compare the quarterbacks, BYU’s Taysom Hill had a QB rating of 94.3 versus a 44 for Texas’ David Ash. Hill initially went 9-for-26 for 126 yards and an interception, but he made up for it with a 259-rushing night, which Bleacher Report referred to as an A performance.

Going forward, this game can mean a lot for both teams. For BYU, it shows that the team can do wonderful things running the ball. Hill and Jamaal Williams combined made up for 441 of the team’s 550 rush yards. The Cougars can try to replicate this performance, if not surpass it, going forward in the season. As for Texas, it shows that they have their work cut out for them. This weekend they will be playing the Ole Miss Rebels that have got off to a 2-0 start and will definitely be looking at the game against BYU as motivation.


4 thoughts on “BYU makes statement in win over Texas

  1. jamiehannn

    Overall a great piece. You included a lot of details and stats. I liked the comparisons you included for each quarterback and what the future games hold. Written very well and not much to change!

  2. Maria Torres

    I love the style of this post. It’s not overtly personal but it’s not completely boring either. You make some good comparisons between the two teams statistics but not overwhelmingly so. Also, good job looking forward!

  3. mattsinger26

    You did a really good job on this post. I really like how you incorporated a lot of stats and expanded on what they meant in regard to the impact they had on the game. You also did a great job of talking about what is next for both teams and the implications this game can have on both of their seasons.

  4. collinsbradshaw

    This is excellent! Honestly, I do not see much to be fixed here. I thought that you went into great detail in describing why you liked these advances and you persuaded me and any other readers to want to click on the articles you tagged and read more! Great job!


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