ACC beating SEC schools

The major news circling the ACC currently is some big wins over SEC schools. Now No. 15 Miami beat Florida this weekend. Last weekend, Clemson beat Georgia, soaring them to the No. 3 ranking in the AP poll. Typically, ACC schools are not given as much credit as the powerhouse SEC school football programs. These recent wins are helping improve the ACC’s reputation, as the ACC now occupies three of the top fifteen spots.

In particular, Miami University’s win is even more in the spotlight because they are finally overcoming the NCAA investigations. Though still unresolved, Miami will be able to return to the AP Top 25 this year after about two years of ineligibility. Therefore, a big win over a ranked SEC school is even more exciting for the team now.

An interesting angle to note about these wins is how they affect other noteworthy ACC teams, such as Florida State, who will not play an SEC school until the end of the season with their match up with Florida. Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher was quoted as saying “…this league is a much, much better league than people give it credit for. I think that’s what you have to do. You want credibility as a league, you have to win those games” in the article for

It will be interesting to see if these ACC schools can continue to be successful throughout the season. It is evident they are very pleased with their wins over SEC schools, so much so that they are able to fuel excitement off of each other.


3 thoughts on “ACC beating SEC schools

  1. tanyasic

    The Miami University is a big mistake, which really takes away from the legitimacy of this post. Other than that, you did a good job at identifying the story line of the weekend, which was the ACC creeping up on the SEC. That being said, I don’t really see any additional analysis or new point of view in this particular post that was not already identified in your links. You began to touch on it with FSU, but ended the post before you could really elaborate on what it could all mean for FSU come the end of the season.

  2. connorriley

    Overall it was a good post, but there some factual errors in it that detract from the post. First Miami Unviersity is located in Oxford,Ohio and is in the MAC, where as the University of Miami is the one you talked about in the post. Also the University hasn’t overcome the NCAA investigation as it is still ongoing. And there was also no sanction saying they could not be in the AP Poll, they just weren’t good enough. Also I would have tried to find a quote by Al Golden, or Dabo Swinney about their thoughts on the wins, as they were the coaches who have been able to do it.

  3. Savannah Brock

    On a popular topic right now I felt that you did a good job picking out Miami in particular. You not only talked about their big win against Florida, but you also turned the attention to the NCAA regulations and heat that they have been under for the last two years giving reason why they have not been ranked. I found that very interesting and I liked how you added a link to an article that goes into more detail about the story.
    I liked how you brought up Florida State who has yet to play a SEC team and who is one that usually reigns in the ACC. I also liked how you found a good quote from Jimbo Fisher and gave a little extra insight to how the coaches in the ACC feel.


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