Will Michigan or Ohio State represent the Big 10 in the BCS?




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No. 17 ranked Michigan went head to head with Notre Dame last Saturday and handled he Irish with relative ease in the Big House of Ann Arbor, taking care of business in a 41-30 victory. But what everyone is wondering is can Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke lead Michigan to a Big 10 championship and beyond this season? Or will Ohio State triumph in a conference run by the two fierce rivals who clash every November? Ohio State played a lesser opponent and won by a score over San Diego State of 42-7. Not a ground-breaking win and the Buckeyes have too much talent for it to be a convincing win because it shouldn’t take much for Urban Meyer’s team to take care of the Aztecs. But many expect the conference to come down to Michigan and Ohio State going at it in the Big 10 championship game. Some would argue that Wisconsin, the defending conference champions, should have a chance to take down either of these juggernauts, but there’s no evidence of this, as the Badgers lost its head coach and star running back from last season. Yes, Wisconsin won 48-0 over Tennessee Tech, but thus far they’ve beaten the Golden Eagles, and UMass, so there’s no way to tell what kind of team new head coach Gary Andersen has to work with this year. The coach from Utah State is in his first year in a BCS conference, so perhaps based on his track record he can have as much success as his predecessor Bret Bielema. Either way, here’s Andersen’s bio for your own viewing pleasure: http://www.uwbadgers.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/gary_andersen_833232.html.   But the ultimate question remains: will it be the classic duo of Michigan and Ohio State duking it out in November, then mopping the floor with a team from the other division in the championship game? Or will someone step up and surprise us? Only time will tell, but betting men should bet on the Wolverines and Buckeyes in the end. Speaking of betting, here are the odds from Vegas on these two teams chances of winning the conference: Michigan: http://www.gambling911.com/sports-handicapping/michigan-football-betting-%E2%80%93-wolverines-odds-win-2013-big-10-bcs-championship-082

Ohio State: http://www.gambling911.com/sports-handicapping/ohio-state-football-betting-%E2%80%93-buckeyes-odds-win-2013-big-10-bcs-championship-082


3 thoughts on “Will Michigan or Ohio State represent the Big 10 in the BCS?

  1. loganbooker

    Format is off, but no worries, Professor Suggs taught us how to fix it by writing in WordPress instead of copying and pasting.

    Whenever you mention a team for the first time in the article, be sure and add their record in parenthesis, both overall and in-conference,

    Try breaking the article up more into several short paragraphs.

    Also work on your hyperlinks. Let me know if you need help with that. It’s easy and can be a really fun tool for your readers.

  2. crstroh

    I like that you asked several questions that are on a lot of peoples’ minds. It makes the reader think about what’s ahead for the Big Ten. You really covered a lot of information, which could’ve been narrowed down to create a more focused post. While you really delved into some topics, you barely skimmed others. Just try to evenly disperse your information, questions, etc. to make it flow better!

  3. jleber10

    I like the angle of this blog post. A couple of small points.
    1. The formatting is off again. Try to write your post on the WordPress site rather than copy-pasting from Word.
    2. I would have liked to see more statistics to support your argument. You declare Ohio State and Michigan as the best teams in the division without describing why. By the same token, you dismiss Wisconsin without much evidence.
    3. Make sure you link to other pages intertextually instead of a stand alone URL. You can do this on the WordPress site.


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