MWC Elite Winning But Still Unrecognized On National Scale

The top teams in the MWC continue to impress, but voters for the AP don’t seem to agree with Fresno State and Boise State being the only teams receiving votes in the whole conference. While the elite teams in the MWC continue to put up big numbers in their wins, their problem seems to be in strength in schedule. The MWC traditionally has trouble scheduling big games, because its stronger teams are seen as a threat by big conference schools and its weaker schools are often no match for any of the teams from the larger conferences. This is a problem that has no clear solution in the immediate future, but the easiest way for the conference to gain more respect on the national stage is to make a splash in the polls. If the conference cannot schedule bigger games anytime soon, its teams must win by large margins and on a consistent basis.

There are many stars in the MWC such as Fresno State’s quarterback Derek Carr or San Jose State’s quarterback David Fales, but it must rely on young stars such as Boise State’s true freshman running back Aaron Baltazar to carry it to the future success it could have as a conference.

The recent realignment in college football has been a blessing and a curse to the MWC, gaining back key members such as Boise State and San Diego State, but it makes it harder for them to gain national prominence with the rich getting richer in such conferences as the SEC (who added powerhouses Texas A&M and Missouri last year to their already stacked conference).

The future is bright for the MWC, but it will take the continued success of its elite schools and players as well as its weaker members building their programs to the same status as their counterparts.


2 thoughts on “MWC Elite Winning But Still Unrecognized On National Scale

  1. Maria Torres

    The underrated MWC. I love this angle too. It’s important to consider how good these teams are/can be and that the polls might be missing something big brewing in the league. I wouldn’t mind seeing even more about how the teams can make a stand in the future. Nice writing, too! The only thing I noticed here was a run-on sentence in the third graf but that’s all.

  2. mariyalewter

    I love this angle. You made great points about how the teams are either a threat or not good enough for the the bigger conferences. It would be nice to see other conferences like MWC get a bit of recognition.


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