The Good The Bad The Ugly: Notre Dame Football

Notre Dame lost to Michigan on Saturday resulting in a post game press conference that lasted until the next morning. Head coach of the fighting Irish argued that his team needed to play more disciplined but to most people, it looks like Notre Dame’s defense caused the loss.


In the article by Bob Wieneke in the Bleacher Report, he talks about the good the bad and the ugly from Saturday’s game. First, Notre Dame put 30 points up on the board, which would have won them every regular season game in 2012. Devin Gardner, the Michigan quarterback threw an interception into his own end zone resulting in an Irish touchdown. 30 points, regardless of how Coach Kelly wants to look at it is a great number to put up in any football game.


The bad comes when Notre Dame’s quarter back Tommy Rees throws an interception that resulted in a Wolverine touch down. Notre Dames defense bent against Temple the previous week but did not break and on Saturday against Michigan, Notre Dame’s defense bent and broke. Notre Dame played poorly on defense against a team they needed to be in tiptop shape against.


Coach Brian Kelly spoke to the press after the loss to Michigan on Saturday night stating that his team needed to practice harder and pay attention to detail. Some concerns that are coming up are very vital to the success of Notre Dame’s football. In the Bleacher Report, Bob Wieneke says,” The defensive line is an even bigger down-the-road concern. Nose guard Louis Nix and end Stephon Tuitt were both loaded with preseason honors, but neither has played like an All-American through two games. Nix has five tackles, Tuitt three.” This is a big concern because there has been so much hype about Notre Dame that it will be very difficult to live up to.


Notre Dame’s loss to Michigan is a big deal especially now coming off of contending for the National Championship. Notre Dame has big shoes to fill coming off of last season and from what the reports are saying, its not sounding good for the Irish however, its too early to tell.



One thought on “The Good The Bad The Ugly: Notre Dame Football

  1. mariyalewter

    I like how you looked at the good & bad parts of the game. I think you could go more in depth about what Notre Dame needs to do, like look ahead to their next game/opponent.


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