Playing through the pain, A team in mourning

With four Pac-12 teams ranked, this week will be interesting to see the outcome for this week, which is huge, but no one can take his or her mind off the recent death of UCLA wide receiver, Nick Pasquale.

UCLA coach Jim Mora said, “ It’s a very tragic time, a very difficult time.”

Pasquale, the 20-year-old wide receiver, was a walk on for UCLA. He went to his hometown, San Clemente, to spend time with his family.  Pasquale decided to take a walk early Sunday morning.  He was suddenly struck by a car around 1:30 a.m. stated the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The driver was not charged with any crime or infraction said Lt. Jeff Hallock of the O.C. Sheriff’s Department.

Unfortunately it is not clear whether Pasquale was attempting to cross a street in a suburban neighborhood. The car’s driver stopped, called police and stayed with Pasquale until they arrived to report the accident said Lt. Gray Strachan.

Coach Moro said, “Our players are dealing with it each in their own way. We think that’s the right way to do it. The important thing is they’re together. This is a very close team and they care desperately about each other.”

The question is how is this team is going to deal with this tragic loss of a teammate into inspiration to win against Nebraska. The loss of Pasquale may inspire his teammates to win this game for him.

UCLA will go head to head against Nebraska Saturday, Sept. 14 at noon. The game will be played at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb.


2 thoughts on “Playing through the pain, A team in mourning

  1. laurenamayosports

    Definitely a topic to be discussed in PAC-12. I think you could decrease the number of words in the initial sentence or simplify it. Also, I think you could specify where San Clemente is for readers. You had great solid facts and insight on the incident. Your quotes also painted UCLA as a family and a team all in mourning. Good job, informative, and remember to proofread for errors like “Coach Moro”.


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