In Full Force: Shilique Calhoun

Bad weather wasn’t the strongest force at the Michigan State-USF game this weekend. While the storms may have delayed the game, they couldn’t stop DE Shilique Calhoun from having a big game and being named the Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week.

Two weeks in a row, Michigan State has been delayed by rain, but the weather delays didn’t slow down the sophomore, who self-proclaimed his alter-ego as Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises” after showing up for the season opener with a six-bar face mask.  Calhoun had two defensive touchdowns, including his first career interception and second fumble return of the season, three tackles and sack.  As if the villainous alter-ego wasn’t intimidating enough, the stats he put up against USF proved he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Two-thirds of the Spartans’ score against USF came from Calhoun. Defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi told, “Shilique, he’s our running back of the defense, I guess.”

Shilique Calhoun and the rest of the Spartans will take on Youngstown State this Saturday, which will end in the first loss of the season for one of the two teams. Youngstown State QB Kurt Hess had an impressive game of his own last weekend with an 84.2% completion rate, totally 282 yards. With Calhoun playing hot and ready, the Youngstown State offense will have their hands full trying to keep him from controlling the game.

Will it be week three of rain delays for the Spartans? Or will Calhoun even scare the storms away?


3 thoughts on “In Full Force: Shilique Calhoun

  1. raleighh

    The focus on specific player works well and you do a good job in this short blog style profile. This is a solid and interesting read and people love this kind of stuff.
    It would be interesting if there was a little bit of information on the team and how it performs to coincide with the article.

  2. loganbooker

    Really like your use of links. Good supporting articles and placed within a good set of words supporting it.

    Add the records of each team, both overall and in-conference in parenthesis at their first mention in the article.

    I like how the article was structured, and ends with a look ahead to what’s next.

  3. jleber10

    Love the fact that you took on a more specific, narrow-focused topic. Great job. Also, I really like how you include the quote from the Michigan State coach. Once again, suggestions are small.
    1. I think you go too in-depth about Youngstown St. I think mentioning that they are undefeated is enough.
    2. I think you could have just hyperlinked “told” and not included But that’s more an aesthetic choice than breaking a rule.

    I struggled to find two comments. Very good post.


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