Johnny Manziel Denies Taking Money for Autographs

On Sunday, NCAA investigators and Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Johnny Manziel spent a nearly 6 hour period discussing recent allegations from memorabilia brokers that Manziel received money for signing autographs last January as reported by ESPN.

He denied the claims, but his future is still uncertain as the NCAA has not released whether his actions were considered in violation of NCAA Bylaw With Saturday’s game against Rice looming, CBS Sports reports that the Aggies have ‘no plans’ to take Johnny Football out of the starting lineup. He has continued practicing as normal with the first team in preparation for this weekend. An NCAA decision to rule him ineligible after the fact could push them to vacate the wins he participated in, but the verdict will likely arrive before kickoff on Saturday according to SEC Blog Saturday Down South.

Until then, Texas A&M coaches and athletes are keeping mum about the status of their quarterback.

“The focus of our coaches and student athletes is solely on preparing for Rice this Saturday, and in the best interests of Texas A&M and the 100-plus student-athletes on the team, I have instructed Coach Sumlin, his staff and our student-athletes to refrain from commenting on or answering questions regarding the status of our starting quarterback, Johnny Manziel,” athletic director Eric Hyman said in a prepared statement.

According to ESPN, reporters questioned Manziel’s status anyway during Tuesday’s press conference only to hear a resolute “We’re not discussing that,” from head coach Kevin Sumlin.

The season opener for the Aggies is set to kickoff Saturday at noon in College Station against Rice University.


3 thoughts on “Johnny Manziel Denies Taking Money for Autographs

  1. Loni Gibson

    I really enjoyed reading your post. You were very objective in your writing, which was backed by several facts to make your point much more clear. I also appreciated the angle you took by referencing Texas A&M’s coaches and how they are handeling the situation at hand.

  2. ncastre

    I really enjoyed the fact that this post was very much to the point and backed up by links that have strong facts in them to further your point. Also, I think you also showed how much research you did by referencing the NCAA bylaw in your post and by including quotes given by the Texas A&M officials on this subject.

  3. catrinar31

    I like the blog that you posted. The way that you wrote your blog was great because you didn’t put your own opinion in it. I found it very interesting and informing. I can tell you did your research because you included the NCAA bylaw. Your blog kept me interested too because it wasn’t that long and you didn’t go off subject.


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