Who is Jeff Tuel?

According to CBS Sports, Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone said that he plans to start undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel at quarterback for week one of the regular season. His opponent will be the New England Patriots. The announcement came after Kevin Kolb suffered another concussion and as rookie E.J. Manuel recovers from knee surgery. A question that Bills fans may ask is, “Who is Jeff Tuel?”

It was a question that sent ESPN reporter Mike Rodack to Tuel’s former playing field at Washington State. According to Rodack, Tuel had a 4-22 record while at Washington State. Rodack talked to Cougars Head Coach Mike Leach who said, “He’s never really won any games.” Leach also said that he will be interested to see how Tuel performs as a pro and that Tuel “needs to go out there and expect success.”

The announcement also sent Fox Sports reporter Peter Schrager to find the man who may Tuel the best, his dad. Schrager talked to Jeff Tuel Sr. who gave some commentary on who his son really is. “Jeff played wide receiver as a way to contribute and help the team.” said Tuel Sr. about his son’s high school career, “But he never let go of his dream of being a quarterback in the NFL. Never.” Tuel Sr. also mentioned that his son grew up idolizing Dan Marino, Tom Brady, and John Elway, but would try and emulate former University of Texas star Vince Young’s dual threat nature.

No matter how well Tuel performs on the field, he will be making history. In Rodack’s article, he mentions that the Elias Sports Bureau said that Jeff Tuel will be the first undrafted rookie quarterback since 1967 to start a regular-season opener. We will see how he fairs against one of his idols, Tom Brady, on September 8th.


2 thoughts on “Who is Jeff Tuel?

  1. jamiehannn

    Overall, I really enjoyed this post. Other than the content it self, the hyperlinks provide a lot of great support that I read up on outside of your blog. I like that you included his college history because it shows that he wasn’t a winning quarterback in college but is looking forward to starting against the Patriots. The sources you pulled to put the blog together overall is great!

  2. Miss__Melanie

    I like the way that your opening paragraph includes the context of Tuel’s situation and intrigues the reader to find out who he is and why he’s being chosen as the starting quarterback. Your post also does a great job of bringing in other sources and pulling out the most valuable quotes and information to form your own piece about Tuel. You effectively answered the question of who Tuel is and what we know about him heading into his first start. I only noticed two grammatical errors. The phrase “head coach” should not be capitalized and you also left out the word “know” in the first sentence of your third paragraph before “Tuel”. Otherwise, this is a very solid post!


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