Virginia Tech to Face Alabama in Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game

The Virginia Tech Hokies may have the hardest season-opener in all of college football, and that game will take place in the Georgia Dome this Saturday.
The Hokies’ competitor? None other than the two-time national champion Alabama Crimson Tide. But is defeating Alabama such an unreachable feat for Virginia Tech? Based on the game’s spread, which has Alabama as the 22-point favorite according to, one might think so.
The Virginia Tech players beg to differ. Linebacker Jack Tyler cites a lack of national respect, according to the Washington Post, as motivation going into the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. Although Alabama’s recent dominance is undeniable, history shows it is in everyone’s best interest not to count out any program, as Texas A&M proved in its inaugural season as SEC competitors.
Even so, Virginia Tech will need to bring its best run defense to the Dome and exploit Alabama’s disadvantage of having three new starters on its offensive line. Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer acknowledged in a press conference that the Tide leave little room for error on its opponent’s end and rarely show any signs of weakness on film.
Although team’s often view playing at a neutral site as an attractive advantage to playing on an opponent’s turf, Virginia Tech is no stranger to playing Alabama in the Georgia Dome. The two teams kicked off the 2009 season together in Atlanta, where then #7 Virginia Tech fell to #5 Alabama 34-24.
Alabama went on to finish the regular season undefeated and win the BCS National Championship Game.
A spread over three touchdowns could sway anyone in favor of the Tide, from a seasoned gambler to college kid betting with his buddies, but coach Beamer won’t let mere numbers defeat his team.
Only Saturday will tell if he lets Alabama do so.


4 thoughts on “Virginia Tech to Face Alabama in Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game

  1. connorriley

    I liked how you included the spread in the game, as that kind of information adds a different feel to the post. I also liked including the thoughts of the Virgina Tech player as well as Coach Beamer. I don’t think that Coach Beamer, or any coach in America, really cares or takes into concern the point spread. So I wouldn’t have said that Beamer was worried about it

  2. Benjamin Wolk

    You were the only ACC-er and C-USA-er that focused on this game, so good job on being creative. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to use AP style on these, but if so, just look through a few minor errors (ex: No. 1, not #1). Otherwise relatively good analysis, and having four links helps. The more the better to create better context.

  3. Kristin Hiller

    This was written well with a lot of supporting background information. I especially thought including the team’s previous meeting in the Georgia Dome was beneficial to your blog post. You probably don’t need that many links in your post, but it’s always good to show where you got your information from.

  4. Savannah Brock

    I like the background information you gave about the rivalry between both Alabama and Virginia Tech. It gave a good insight to the upcoming game for those who don’t understand the history behind it. I also like how you added in the point difference between the teams and added the link to the Washington Post. I feel you added your links where they were needed. Great job!


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