The Anti Johnny Manziel

On Friday August 23rd Jimbo Fisher confirmed what had long been speculated. Redshirt freshman Jameis Winston was officially named the Florida State Seminole’s starting quarterback.

For most football players this would be viewed as a huge achievement, starting as a redshirt freshman at one of the most prestigious football schools in the country. But not for Jameis Winston, the former number one quarterback recruit in the country according to ESPN.  Winston was expected to come in and compete for the starting job after first round pick EJ Manuel graduated last spring.

But now it appears that the expectations are rising again. Vegas odds makers listed Winston, who has not taken a snap yet at the college level, at 35-1 odds to win the Heisman,better odds then returning star players such as Georgia running back Todd Gurley(50-1) and UCLA quarterback Brett Hudley(50-1).

One could attribute the rising expectations to Johnny Manziel, a relatively unheralded recruit compared to that of Winston. Winston commented on the potential media attention he could receive at FSU’s media saying, “If I ever get Manziel disease I want all of you to smack me on the head with your microphones.” It seems that Winston, who also plays for the Florida State baseball team , is aware of the potential scrutiny he could face in addition to the level of expectations that have been placed upon him.  After the whirlwind off-season that Manziel has had, maybe Winston can become the anti Johnny. A mature, humble and immensely talented quarterback.


4 thoughts on “The Anti Johnny Manziel

  1. Benjamin Wolk

    Obviously, considering the way the weekend went, it was pertinent to do a blog post on Winston. Also, I liked how you brought in the context of his very probable Heisman campaign despite his youth (I mean no snaps and being 30-1, that’s outrageous, but impressive). I would shy away from drawing comparisons to media darlings — or not-so-darlings — such as Manziel because I think it takes away from some of the critical analysis of Winston.

  2. Kristin Hiller

    I like how you brought the insight about the Heisman into this blog post. Now I know that Winston is really someone to watch. Though your comparison to Manziel was interesting, I don’t think we were supposed to put a lot of opinion into these blog posts. Also, your links did not work.

  3. tanyasic

    I liked the concept of this post a lot. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced a bit of Manziel overload, and so comparing Winston to Manziel and framing him in a more positive light give us someone to root for when the Johnny Football narrative has grown tiresome. That being said, definitely be careful about how you structure your sentences. There are a lot of fragments throughout the post that easily lend themselves to a semi-colon or colon instead. The short to-the-point sentences are good, but too many of them make it sound choppy.

  4. Savannah Brock

    I liked how you compared him to a known figure like Johnny Manziel, which made it easier to understand his potential. Adding in the known standings of Heisman odds was also surprising seeing that someone who hasn’t even played a game yet is already ranked higher than someone like Gurley or Hudley. I will say be careful of your links because when I clicked on them it said the URL was expired. I do feel that the links help back up your information.


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