Sunday or Monday off days?

Some interesting news I came across in the ACC beat is the decision to use Sunday practices and take Mondays off. In his blog for the Daily Press, David Teel revealed that Virginia Tech has recently switched to Sunday practices. It seems logical to take Sundays off after game day Saturdays, but Teel points out that only seven teams are in fact doing so. The teams currently practicing on Sundays now are Virginia Tech, Virginia, Duke, North Carolina, Syracuse, North Carolina State and Maryland. The NCAA football rules require that one day be taken off each week, but it is up to the team to decide which one.

According to Boston College offensive line coach Jeff Grimes, a benefit of practicing on Sunday is the ability to discuss Saturday’s game right away and then move on. Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster likes how he can now use Mondays solely for planning. Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer believes that Mondays were often interrupted with staff meetings and therefore lacking cohesion in the afternoon practice. All of these coaches were quoted in Teel’s story.

Like Teel mentions in the end of his article, it will be interesting to see how these players adjust to practices after game days, especially for the older players who are used to their routines. A future story could be analyzing whether the teams who practice on Sundays win more or the teams who practice on Mondays. Will the players be too tired to practice on Sundays or will they still be excited from the night before’s adrenaline rush?


2 thoughts on “Sunday or Monday off days?

  1. tanyasic

    This is definitely interesting information, and the switch in practice days seems to be taking place primarily at ACC schools. However, I think your post would’ve benefited from you taking the angle of the original information distributor, simply because this sounded more like a basic blog recap rather than your own new spin to information you found.

  2. Savannah Brock

    I really found this interesting. I like how you included all the different teams that have switched over to Sunday practices and gave reasons why they did so. I also really liked how you included a the NCAA rules to go along with the story. I personally did not know that it is required for teams have to take one day off and adding in that link helped me see the different rules.


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