Fighting Irish Confidence as the countdown to kickoff continues

In South Bend, Indiana, things are heating up pretty quickly to get ready for the season. The coaches seem to be very pleased with the new team members this year nicknaming them “The Group”. The group consists of many players on the team who connect well not just on the field but also off the field. Freshmen and golden recruit Jaylon Smith will be suited up and ready to start in the Irish’s first game against Temple. Kelly also stated in the Chicago Tribune that it takes some very humble guys to form this group.

On another note, quarterback Malik Zaire is also member of this special group but won’t be able to contribute on the field due to an illness. Coach Kelly confirmed to the Chicago Tribune that Zaire has mononucleosis. Kelly’s main focus is to get started on a great first game against the Temple Owls (also independents) and to get Tommy Rees off to a great season.

Former football defensive end Phillip Daniels’ son DaVaris Daniels is now a junior at Notre Dame. DaVarius had somewhat of an easy road in high school football. Due to his large frame, Daniels was able to excel over anyone who tried to cover him. In college football, this was not the case and so Daniels redshirted his first year to adjust to all the new changes. A successful season for Daniels, according to Frank Vitovitch is defined by whether or not he can pick up his reception total, 600 yards and hopefully enter the endzone at a minimum of 5 times.

Notre Dame should not be overlooked this season, they are full of Fighting Irish confidence.



One thought on “Fighting Irish Confidence as the countdown to kickoff continues

  1. Maria Torres

    I like the idea of The Group that Notre Dame instituted, so pointing that out in the blog was a good start! I wouldn’t mind finding out a bit more about who this star Jaylon Smith is, though, which is something easily fixed with a link or two to some scouting profiles on him.

    You brought up another good angle with the redshirting of Daniels and how it wasn’t for medical reasons. Some more digging into that would be helpful to the casual reader as well.

    Overall, this post has a really great tone as far as confidence for the season goes and why Notre Dame has reasons to be hopeful.


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