Captains Named For Ohio State

On Tuesday, head coach Urban Meyer named game captains for the 2013 season– all eight of them. A rather large number and the late announcement of this group drew interest to a currently ranked No. 2 Ohio State.

The group includes two juniors, Braxton Miller and Ryan Shazier; two seniors, Corey Brown and Christian Bryant; and four fifth-year seniors, Corey Linsley, Kenny Guiton, C.J. Barnett, and Jack Mewhort. Both the offense and defense are represented; Starters are accounted for as well as a backup. It’s a pretty diverse group, but they all have one thing in common: the team voted for them.

Meyer pointed out that there were other standout players, but this is whom the team selected. These are the players chosen by their own teammates to push the team towards another undefeated season or possibly to a BCS national championship. It will take the joint effort of eight captains—two of them being only juniors—to carry the team and the expectations through the season.

Butch Woolfolk’s expectations for the Buckeyes are about as high as they come for a college football program; he told Sporting News, “The only school in the NCAA that can match Alabama…is Ohio State.”

This group of eight replaces last year’s group of five seniors, who led the team to a 12-0 season.  Fifth-year senior running back Jordan Hall was part of the five last year but wasn’t selected this year.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Meyer intends to name season captains at the end of the season.


4 thoughts on “Captains Named For Ohio State

  1. vaughn9

    Great and interesting subject -a large number of starters and the fact that the team voted for them. However, two links may have been too few, and you might need to include at least one link a little higher in the post.

  2. raleighh

    1. The story has a great lede, I always enjoy when there’s a lede that has a pause in the middle of it to present a somewhat unexpected twist to it. Also, it’s good that there is more than just one Big 10 blog in this group.
    2. The Big 10 gets more publicity than the MAC conference and it seems like there should be more stories coming out of the conference going into the first week of the season. This is a good story but it seems that it’s something we can build upon.

  3. loganbooker

    I like the two “dramatic pauses” you used.
    1. “- all eight of them”
    2. “…is Ohio State.”
    I personally feel this shows more of a voice in writing than reading something robot would be pumping out (if that made any sense).

    Does Ohio State use the same captains for the entire year? I know most schools change them game to game based on season performance and/or team votes.

    Good post.

  4. jleber10

    Good post. The naming of captains is a great source of pride for football players and makes for a good story. One minor comment is that the blog seems to end abruptly. I would add another sentence of two about how and/or why Meyer will choose season captains. As a structural whole, I think the blog could use a little more insight. You link another blogger who provides his opinion, but I would try to provide more context on why this is important. You don’t necessarily need to provide your unfiltered opinion, but I would give a sense of the bigger picture.


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