A new year a new season, UCLA hoping to win season opener

Coach Mora said jokingly to reporters “I’m going to give you my first and last in-season injury report. You ready? Everybody is fine; everybody is good,” Mora said to reporters after Monday’s practice.

Seven Bruins’ are questionable for the season opener on August 31st .: guard John Lopez and fullback Luke Gane (with concussion symptoms), cornerback Johnny Johnson (shoulder surgery), linebacker Aaron Porter and defensive end Ian Taubler  (concussions), defensive end Zach Vinci (hamstring) and defensive back Michael Carlson (knee surgery).

The UCLA Bruins will open the season against Nevada. All-American linebacker Anthony Barr, and left tackle Simon Goines are anticipated to play Saturday against Nevada at the Rose Bowl. This is a game that coach Jim Mora isn’t taking lightly; he knows Nevada’s quarterback will cause some problems for the Bruins defense.

While trying to determine who is better, one may compare both teams’ games against Cal last season. Nevada gave Cal a tough time shocking the Bears with a 31-24 win  , but the Bruins faced a huge disappointment with a 43-17 lost to Cal on Oct. 6.

Brett Hundley, a redshirted sophomore, as the starting quarterback, feels UCLA is a focused team that has confidence about being a stronger, faster, and more a talented team.

Coach Mora said, “I think the important thing with that first game is that you anticipate that there’s going to be some unscouted looks or things you can’t prepare for. That’s OK because it really boils down to fundamentals and technique and effort and doing your job.”


4 thoughts on “A new year a new season, UCLA hoping to win season opener

  1. vaughn9

    Good preview going into week 1. The quotes broke up your voice and made the blog more digestible. Good lede; easily catches people’s attention. Good use of links and good amount -not too many not too few. The links are also spaced well.

  2. laurenamayosports

    I liked your blog post! I thought it was informative and organized. When mentioning Coach Mora the first time in the article, I would distinguish who he is by saying that he is UCLA’s head coach and by stating his first name then refer to him by last name the remainder of the story. There are a few grammatical and punctuation errors but overall a great first post! You used great quotes to frame your angle and included links as requested.

  3. The Real Critic: J.Mari

    Editors Comments: I like the style of your blog. Grammar is correct and I like how the information is presented in an organized fashion. Also, the use of quotes allows the reader to feel that you as an author is automatically trustworthy.

  4. The Real Critic: J.Mari

    Like I stated on Nick’s blog, I’m looking forward to see UCLA’s offense and team in general this season. They showed a lot of promise last year, and they removed the shadow that hung over the program for the past decade. Even though they lost RB James Franklin, the youth on their offense shows promise. If this team can stay healthy and the freshmen can be ahead of the curve just slightly, I could see UCLA going 9-3 easily.


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