Time for the Irish to fight back

By Mariya Lewter

College football is finally among us, and the fight for the BCS National Championship is set to begin. Of all the teams with chips on their shoulders this season, Notre Dame has the most to prove.

Being on the losing side of a championship game is obviously not ideal. However, when the loss is so bad that it causes people to question whether or not the losing team deserved to be playing in the game at all, that hurts.

The Fighting Irish were ranked No. 1 last season, finishing with a 12-1 overall record. However, the team was demolished 42-14 by Alabama. In fact, the game was so mediocre that analysts and fans alike began to refer to the much more competitive SEC Championship between Alabama and Georgia as the real title game.

The loss and the reception of the game hurt the egos of Brian Kelly’s squad—as it should have—but that should no longer be a concern. The real story here is how the Irish plan to bounce back from the debacle.

The Irish, who are ranked No. 14 in the Associated Press poll, will open up their season at home against unranked TempleAll eyes will be on them because they no longer have a beautiful record or any Manti Te’o drama to hide behind. Yes this game may seem minor, but it’s so important for Notre Dame to enter every single game as if their season, title dreams, and reputation depend on them, because, well, they do.


3 thoughts on “Time for the Irish to fight back

  1. Maria Torres

    Notre Dame has the most to prove this season — that is a great way to advance the team’s season opener. Then you go into detail about why that’s the case and how it affects the team now, which is a nice touch. Your tone is personal, but not to the point where I want to stop reading, so keep that up!

    The post would benefit from some stats from last season, though. What exactly cost Notre Dame the game? How the Notre Dame and Temple stack up against each other would have been a good angle for the blog too.

  2. mattsinger26

    I really like the opening of your post, it sets the tone for what we’re about to read and also did a a good job of letting us know right off the bat what type of season Norte Dame is in for. I also really like how you explained the impact of the National Championship loss on Norte Dame, because it really did bring up a lot of questions about the program’s legitimacy in general. I feel like if you just elaborated a little more on key players this year or Coach Kelly’s new plans for this year a little more it would have allowed us as the reader to really understand what expectations to have for Norte Dame this year, but other than that it was an awesome blog post!

  3. collinsbradshaw

    I really liked your blog. I like how you brought in the more personal side of Notre Dame and all the negative attention that has been on them since last season. I think that you should definitely dig for articles that were relevant to the Manti Te’o drama debacle that occurred, especially for people who may want to read what happened in detail. I like how you ended with stating that Notre Dame’s reputation going forward will depend on the season they have, especially after last season and everything that happened on and off the field and all the scrutiny they received. Very well written and interesting blog!


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