The Fight for Quarterback

The Fight for Quarterback

By Elizabeth Grimsley

Oklahoma starting quarterback Blake Bell’s job is in jeopardy.

After Landry Jones entered the 2013 NFL Draft and was selected in the fourth round, his job opened up for another rising start to take his place. Many fans assumed the role would go to Bell — the redshirt junior from Wichita, Kan. Bell has always been the backup, never the starter. But that didn’t stop him from winning the MVP award for the Sooners in the 2011 Insight Bowl.

In comes redshirt freshman Trevor Knight, the very man that could turn Bell’s starting dreams into just that — dreams. Knight brings a “quick and shifty approach,” according to Michael Felder of the Bleacher Report. However, there is a risk in using the rookie over the veteran. Knight has never taken a snap in an actual college game, so experience isn’t on his side.

However, Dean Blevins of News 9 believes in Knight’s abilities as he’s gone as far as comparing Knight’s potential to that of the great Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford who held a 67.6 percent completion rate and won the Heisman award in 2008 before going pro in 2010.

Knight has been announced the starter for the Sooner’s first game against Louisiana-Monroe, but that doesn’t mean he’s won the job for the year. If the coaching staff decided to go with Knight full-time, it would mean a shift in the offensive strategy for the 2013 Sooner squad to one that fans won’t traditionally be accustomed to.

The pressure’s now on Knight to deliver in Saturday’s game, or he may find his job as starting quarterback a thing of the past.


One thought on “The Fight for Quarterback

  1. salack1027

    This post does a great job of incorporating sources to develop the story. I especially like the comparison between Sam Bradford and Trevor Knight. I think it would have been good to include any stats about Blake Bell, which could potentially show why Bob Stoops chose not to go with him as the starter. Also, it might have been beneficial to discuss Bell’s skill-set compared to that of Knight. Altogether, this post is clear, informative and enjoyable to read.


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