RGIII says he’s 100 percent

For the first time since tearing his anterior cruciate ligament on Dec. 9 of last season, Robert Griffin III is claiming that his knee feels back to 100 percent as reported by ESPN’s John Keim.

Redskins’ head coach Mike Shanahan and RGIII have had a rift throughout preseason on whether to let his star play or not, and even if healthy, it is more likely that Griffin would begin his sophomore campaign at the beginning of the regular season.

For a player that tore one of the major ligaments in his knee just eight months ago, Griffin is confident in his ability to not only get back to where he was last season, but exceed it.

Griffin told ESPN 980s Kevin Sheehan that if he were to run a 40-yard dash today, it would be a “4.3-something.” As crazy as that is to believe, the NFL and its fans witnessed Vikings running back Adrian Peterson perform at his highest level coming off a season where he too tore his ACL in 2012.

Peterson ran for 2,097 yards and 18 touchdowns on 348 carries—coming just 8-yards shy of tying Eric Dickerson’s all-time NFL single-season rushing record.

In his rookie year, Griffin threw for 3,200 yards and 20 touchdowns, while completing 65.6 percent of and throwing only five interceptions en route to a 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Whether he is able to duplicate those numbers, or exceed them, is left to be unknown, but both RGIII and the Redskins hope to find out come Monday, Sept. 9 in Philadelphia.


5 thoughts on “RGIII says he’s 100 percent

  1. Miss__Melanie

    I think this was a great post and I love the comparison between RGIII and Adrian Peterson. That comparison really fuels this piece beyond the fact that RGIII said he’s ready to play. You effectively answer the question of “what does this mean” while also including some great context.

  2. Anna Tarullo

    You really seemed to nail the “second day story” feel in this post, which is great! I really like that you brought up Adrian Peterson, and what his case has done for the prospects of returning from such a gruesome injury. I’m really excited to see the numbers RGIII puts up this season and to see his injury bounce back. Long ago, recovering from such an injury was rare, and before Peterson, while these injuries weren’t necessarily career-ending, they did seem to halt some career’s from reaching full potential. Peterson was even brought up in the conversation surrounding the Kevin Ware injury and how unbelievable it was that not only would he walk normally again, but he would play again!!

  3. bpatbend

    ACL tears are devastating to a player’s career. Few athletes are as gifted physically and mentally enough to make a comeback like that of Adrian Peterson last season. RG3 is another rare professional athlete that could make that type though. I guess I never thought about the similarity of both those players’ game styles and the fact they both tore ligaments in their legs- good point.

  4. cpace2016

    I like the combination of the sources used, particularly the straightforward news combined with what was the interesting speculation on whether or not RGIII should or should not play this early. Not much to complain about, pretty straightforward stuff. It’s pretty crazy that Griffin is running a 4.3, if that is really the case. It’ll be interesting to see if he changes his game at all to protect that knee.

  5. kfairbanks22

    The story of Adrian Peterson’s comeback is amazing. The recommended time to stay out of sports after tearing an ACL is nine months, so this quick of a recovery is extremely rare. To nearly break the NFL single season rushing record one year after tearing his ACL seems superhuman. But this gives hope to other football players like RGIII. He has great potential for the season, but he has to debate whether starting right away is worth possibly tossing away the rest of his career. His doctor and coaches have cleared him, so hopefully his knee is ready to go on Monday.


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