Hoffman, Van Noy snubbed, new captains in for BYU

News concerning BYU captains came out of Provo on Monday. Coach Bronco Mendenhall revealed that the players chose J.D. Falslev and Skyler Ridley as offensive captains and Uani Unga and Daniel Sorensen as defensive captains for the upcoming season.

Jay Drew, of the Salt Lake Tribune, reported that Mendenhall prefers “unsung heroes” to be captains, something he said reflects the team’s history of rewarding players who have worked extra hard to be key pieces in games.

But the rise of Falslev, Ridley, Unga and Sorensen means the demotion of former captains Cody Hoffman and Kyle Van Noy, neither of whom cracked under the pressure last year. According to the Deseret News, Hoffman was the “go-to guy” in 2012 for the Cougars. He made a total of 100 receptions in 1,248 yards, marks good enough to be second in school history. Hoffman’s online profile mentions he has a streak going of 32 straight games in which he’s caught a pass. Falslev, meanwhile, made 37 receptions, which was the second amount on the team.

Van Noy’s snub is also interesting. In last year’s Poinsettia Bowl, Van Noy led the Cougars to a 23-6 victory over San Diego State with 3.5 tackles, 1.5 sacks, two touchdowns, one interception and more.  In an official blog post, BYU noted the linebacker has the most sacks in a career by any active FBS player (22). In addition, he has already been named four times to Preseason All-American teams and is on watch lists for six different awards.


3 thoughts on “Hoffman, Van Noy snubbed, new captains in for BYU

  1. mariyalewter

    I love that you chose to talk about this topic because it could definitely go under the radar, but I found it to be very interesting. I like how you approached it from two different angles: promotion for the new captains but also demotion for the old ones. I think you could have chosen a better way to end the post. Like possibly add more information about how the changing of captains could affect the season. Overall, great post!

  2. mattsinger26

    I think it is very interesting that Coach Mendenhall would demote players from captain positions while still on the team. I’ve never really heard of something like that happening in any situation other than for disciplinary reasons and it really makes me respect Coach Mendenhall a lot more. It’s refreshing that a Division I football coach can still be totally unbiased in his coaching decisions and can truly reward merit over everything else. I also think it’d be interesting to hear more about why the returning captains may have lost their positions and also maybe a little bit more explanation on Coach Mendenhall’s requirements for his captains, but it was a great piece overall! Thanks for sharing!

  3. collinsbradshaw

    This blog was very interesting to me because this is not a big news story to the rest of the world but to BYU and their fans, this could be a key factor in the outcome of their season. As a team captain, you are chosen to lead your team in every area. Usually the captain is the best player on the team and in this case, it is interesting that the best player on the team, the captain last year has been demoted. I think you should elaborate and dig for an article that describes how the former captains represented the team and maybe why they are no longer the captains. Great blog!


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